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PIA sets a bold revenue target of Rs 133 billion

PIA sets a bold revenue target of Rs 133 billion

KARACHI – The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) board approved the corporate budget for the year 2011 with a revenue target of Rs 133 billion which is 22 percent higher than the expected actual revenues of 2010.
The board emphasised that the management should make an all out effort to meet the assigned target and appreciated the efforts of the management, which despite volcanic eruptions, snow storms in Europe and slowdown of economic situation all over the world, enabled

Cigarette industry causes Rs 45 billion revenue loss

ISLAMABAD: Government has sustained a loss of revenue amounting to Rs 45 billion during the last six years due to tax evasion, smuggling and counterfeiting in the cigarette industry. Resultantly, the failure of the authorities to take concrete steps to curtail these violations has come under the spotlight.
According to a press release issued on Wednesday, industrial data reveals that government had to face a revenue loss of Rs 7.5 billion in the current year, Rs 6.5 billion in