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‘Islam is religion of peace’

Renowned Religious scholar Allama Muhammad Anwar Qureshi has said that Islam is a religion of peace and coexistence and teaches the Muslims to forge unity among their ranks and show patience and

Raiwind congregation ends peacefully

First phase of the Raiwind congregation, which sources claimed was attended by over one million people from across the country and the world, came to a peaceful end on Sunday morning. Religious

Inter-faith harmony stressed

Muslim clerics, representatives from Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Bha’i religion on Saturday set up the Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan (PHNP) in a meeting held in the Catholic Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue

Rabia Ahmed

A diabolical spirituality

In any field of knowledge, few significant advances have been made on the basis of faith alone. Even religion, that bastion of faith, invites believers to observe creation to increase their faith.

OF RELIGION AND POLITICS – Infighting over SIC’s involvement in politics

LAHORE – Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) is facing differences within the alliance over its future strategy. The SIC chairman-led Markazi Jamiat Ulema Pakistan, Sunni Tehrik and Nizam-e-Mustafa Party, an offshoot of JUP-N, are pushing for a greater role in politics while Jamat-e-Ahlesunnat Pakistan, the leadership of Tanzim-ul-Madaris and others are vehemently opposing the idea. Some small parties of the Ittehad are sitting on the fence.
The SIC, an alliance of 23 parties of the

Waft of inspiration from Mills & Boon, Coke and religion

KARACHI – Since Andy Warhol, popular culture has been equated with an ordinariness that is antithetical to bourgeois taste, said a press release issued by the Poppy Seed Gallery where an art exhibition titled ‘What’s Hot?’ is running until April 17.
The participating artists are Sehba Maruf, Danish Ahmed, Sophia Mairaj, Malika Abbas, Sumaiya Jilani and Muhammad Ali.
Whereas Warhol’s soup could symbolise ‘common’ experience, Warhol himself claimed to partake of it.

Praying hard – Cricket has no religion

LAHORE – Local Christian community resort to religion as the excitement of the mighty semi-final reaches its climax at Mohali today. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef offered special Nafl for the team and praying for victory, the Christian community tends to stand side by side praying for the same cause.
Cricket is in the air, everyone is trying to support their home team in their own little way. While the Muslims community are offering special prays after Jumma, the