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Cops abduct, rape two girls

The Allama Iqbal Town Police on Monday recovered two girls, who were allegedly kidnapped and raped by two cops and their accomplice at a house located in Allama Iqbal Town Area. Police

Tormented by stigma after rape

The three-room house in the Korangi area of Karachi, occupied until two months ago by a street vendor and his family of six, stands empty. Neighbours say the street vendor left suddenly

Ahmed Yusuf

Rape is no laughing matter

Sometimes, the value of a press conference cannot be encapsulated by a he-said/she-said report. It is what happens at the press conference that says much more – especially if the presser happens

Bureaucrat doctor held for raping lover

A love affair turned sour when a female doctor at Lady Wallington Hospital charged her ‘boyfriend’ Dr Tahir Jamil of Mayo Hospital and his two unidentified accomplices for raping her, Pakistan Today