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US says it is capable of dealing with growing Al Qaeda

US says it is capable of dealing with growing Al Qaeda

KUALA LUMPUR: The US has the resources and allies needed to combat Al Qaeda as it expands beyond its base in Afghanistan and Pakistan to places like Yemen, Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday.
Al Qaeda-affiliates in troubled states like Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere are proving a growing threat to the US and its allies, nine years after the Sept. 2001 attacks by Al Qaeda’s central leadership. Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has taken

Iraqi Qaeda claims bombings against Shia ‘insults’

BAGHDAD: Al Qaeda’s Iraqi affiliate said on Friday it was behind car bombings against Shiites in Baghdad this week that killed 64 people, saying they were revenge for “insults” and threatening more attacks.
The claim drew a strong reaction from the representative of Iraq’s most respected Shiite cleric, saying it aimed to drag the country into new sectarian conflict.
In a statement on the Al-Hanein jihadi website, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) said Tuesday’s attacks were

Yemen probes air parcels amid calls to root out Qaeda

SANAA: Yemen on Saturday launched a probe after explosives were found in air parcels sent to US synagogues from its territory by suspected Al-Qaeda militants whom it is under renewed pressure to eliminate.
With alarms bells going off across the world, US President Barack Obama said on Friday that the two packages which originated from Yemen were destined for Chicago synagogues and were a credible terrorist threat. He blamed Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate of being responsible for the