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Adel Qaeda’s interim chief

Al Qaeda has appointed an Egyptian militant as temporary leader and named a new head of operations following the killing of Osama bin Laden by US commandos, al Jazeera reported on Wednesday,

SAS to help US hunt down Qaeda leaders

British Prime Minister David Cameron told the White House on Sunday that he intended to stand shoulder to shoulder with US President Barack Obama as the US stepped up its global hunt

Pentagon chief: Iran, Qaeda will exploit Arab unrest

CAMP LIBERTY – US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said in Iraq Thursday that Iran and extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda would try to exploit the unrest sweeping the Arab world.
“Yemen has really eased up the pressure on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,” Gates said, referring to the militant group’s affiliate in Yemen, which is witnessing a popular uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
“It’s also a concern that the internal security services of many of these

Al Qaeda coming back to Afghanistan: WSJ

WASHINGTON – Al Qaeda militants are gradually returning to eastern Afghanistan and setting up bases for the first time in years, exploiting a withdrawal of US troops in the area, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.
The trend has alarmed and discouraged US officials who had seen Al Qaeda as a seriously weakened force in Afghanistan with only a couple of dozen fighters on the ground, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed US, Afghan and Taliban sources.

Al Qaeda wants 90-million-euro ransom for French hostages

GAO – Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is demanding at least 90 million euros in ransom for the release of four French hostages held since September, a source close to mediators said on Monday.
The French people were kidnapped in September 2010 in neighbouring Niger, where France has a large stake in uranium mining, and are still being held hostage in the desert. “The kidnappers are demanding at least 90 million euros (128 million dollars) to release the four French

‘Qaeda routes funds to India via Europe’

LAHORE – European countries are being used as hot destinations by al Qaeda to route money to India, Indian newspaper The Hindustan Times quoted a report by Peruvian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) – disclosed by WikiLeaks – as stating. The report stated that the FIU had found at least one such suspicious transaction by al Qaeda every month and shared them with investigators from the United States.
“The FIU also reports tracking cases similar to that of an OFAC-designated (US

Arab protest wave undermines al Qaeda, Iran: US

WASHINGTON – US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday that protests across the Arab world have dealt a major setback to Al Qaeda militants and Iran by endorsing democratic change.
“It basically gives the lie to Al Qaeda’s claim that the only way to get rid of authoritarian governments is through extremist violence,” Gates told reporters. With a wave of unrest and protests toppling regimes in Egypt and Tunisia and prompting reforms elsewhere, Gates said grassroots