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In PA, the PPP is ‘shoeless’

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) legislator in Punjab Assembly Hasan Murtaza here on Tuesday protested barefooted in Provincial Assembly in support of sugarcane growers. Murtaza came to the assembly premises barefooted from the

Punjab govt mocks PA’s quorum, again

Treasury benches again faced defeat on Monday because of non-seriousness of its legislators towards official business of the Punjab Assembly (PA) compelling Speaker Rana Iqbal to adjourn the session until today (Tuesday)

Point scoring, personality clashes abound in Punjab Assembly

– Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and Labour Minister Ashraf Sohna swap allegations of point scoring, humiliating assembly members
Personality clashes and the point scoring resulted in heated arguments between lawmakers from the treasury and opposition benches in the Punjab Assembly’s session on Friday.
The first brawl erupted when Dr Samia of the PML-Q expressed dissatisfaction over the governments’ reply to non-payment of Rs 31 billion to government