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Fish production up, prices also up

Fish production up, prices also up

LAHORE: The price of fish has risen considerably despite increased production this year. The price of fish ranges between Rs 150 to Rs 350 per kg, depending upon the size and type.
Put in comparison to last years prices when prices ranged between Rs 140-320 per kg but production was lower, this year’s increase in price is significant. The fish market works by a simple logic: fish of larger size sells more expensive, fish of smaller size sells cheaper.
The varieties popular

POL prices rise again – Last nail in the coffin, say businessmen

LAHORE: The business community has reacted strongly to the sharp escalation in the prices of petroleum products of Rs 4.27 to Rs 5.97 per litre and has called upon the federal government to reconsider its decision, given the serious consequences it holds for both industry and trade.
Business leaders from the provincial capital have said that the huge increase in the prices of petrol and diesel would greatly augment inflation and have a knock-on effect on the cost of all economic

‘Hike in fuel prices will add to common man’s woes’

ISLAMABAD: Inflation is expected to shoot up with the 9 percent increase in prices of petroleum products and 2 percent expected increase in power tariff thus hiking the cost of doing business in other sectors of economy and directly impacting the common man, former finance minister Dr Salman Shah said while talking to Pakistan Today.
Monthly increase in petroleum prices and power tariff has drifted the country to stagnation, he said, adding that it will have adverse effects on

Enraged senators blast govt over petroleum prices

ISLAMABAD: Charged with anger and disappointment over the government’s failure to curb inflation, the opposition and the treasury members in Senate on Monday lambasted the government for ‘dropping a fuel bomb’ on the people by increasing the prices of petroleum products by as much as nine percent.
Speaking on a point of order, Leader of Opposition Senator Wasim Sajjad took the lead when he plainly announced a token walk out against the recent hike in petroleum products’ prices.

POL prices go up

ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Sunday raised POL prices by up to 8.9 percent with an immediate effect. According to OGRA, the price of petrol had been increased from Rs 66.99 per litre to Rs 72.96 per litre,
Hi-Octane from Rs 79.56 to Rs 86.67, Hi-speed diesel from Rs 73.82 to 78.33, light speed diesel from Rs 62.34 to Rs 66.61 and kerosene oil from Rs 65.80 to Rs 70.95.
As per newly-revised prices, prices of petrol (Hi-Octane and supreme) were

CDGL crackdown: prices fall and so do quality at Sunday bazaars

The prices of fruits, chicken and vegetables were on an overall declining trend this Sunday but consumers had to compromise on quality. The prices decreased almost in all Sunday bazaars as the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) came back to life this weekend.
CDGL officials fined 12 shopkeepers for overcharging and providing low quality products but this action was not enough to control the prices and the quality at these bazaars. There was a visible decline in

Soaring gold prices put jewellers at risk

LAHORE: Soaring gold prices have put the jewellery shops in Lahore on high risk and can be a potential target for robbers.
Increasing prices have raised the security concerns for the jewellery shop owners as the government has not taken any security measures for them, Pakistan Today learnt during a survey conducted in order to check security measures adopted by the Lahore Police to ensure security of jewellers.
Suha Bazaar, Ferozpur Road and Gulberg’s jewellery market’s

India cotton seen up on global prices, demand

MUMBAI: Indian cotton is likely to edge up this week tracking higher global prices and on good domestic demand, but an arrival delay that spilled into exports, already capped at 5.5 million bales, may limit gains, traders said on Monday. “Domestic prices are on the boil. Our exporters are getting very good prices even as only 5.5 million bales are allowed for export,” said an official with the federal textile ministry.
Indian cotton dealers, buoyed by tight global supplies and

Ogra announces wellhead prices for new gas fields

KARACHI: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has declared the wellhead prices for new gas production fields including Bobi, while the authority also revised the price upwards for Manzalai field to $2.83 per mmbtu against the earlier figure quoted of $2.72.
The price for the Bobi field has been determined since January 2007 but the price has now been set at Rs 382.08 per mmbtu.
Ogra owns 100 percent stakes in the Bobi field, which has an average gas production level

Prices spiral up as monitoring officials take the weekend off

The fearless vendors in the Sunday bazaars, in the absence of price magistrates, officials from the City District Government Lahore (CDGL), livestock and food departments and the market committees, openly charged exorbitant prices for fruits and vegetables. Overall escalating trend in the prices of fruits and vegetables was registered this week as compared to the last week at the Sunday bazaars of the city.
Visitors were of the view that this hectic exercise of placing these