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NAB a tool to exonerate ‘friends’ or hunt ‘foes’?

NAB a tool to exonerate ‘friends’ or hunt ‘foes’?

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to its claim of abolishing the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the government, under a new strategy, has decided to sharpen its teeth to either victimise some ‘foes” and exonerate some “friends” from corruption charges, Pakistan Today has learnt reliably.
Well-placed sources said on Thursday that the idea, a brainchild of a leading minister, has been given a nod by the President’s House and the appointment of the new chairman of the NAB was part of this

It’s either Ferguson’s way or the highway

As the drama at Manchester United unfolded over the week, things seemed to be getting unstuck for the premier English football brand. Rumours in the media found authentication from a flabbergasted Alex Ferguson that Wayne Rooney wanted out. The ace striker too released a statement, stating United’s lack of ambition as the reason behind his failure to extend his contract.
Surely the differences were too big to be bridged, or they seemed to be, and a January

To bribe or not to bribe a traffic official?

There was a time when the traffic wardens, were labeled as ‘bribe wardens’, as citizens complained that the wardens often caught them without a cause and they had to bribe their way out.
Traffic police was revamped a few years ago and the traffic environment changed dramatically. Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International Association, conducted a poll to measure the currently prevailing commuters’ behaviour.
The questioned were based on the