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Many terror groups eyeing Pakistan’s nukes: Petraeus

LAHORE – Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus has said that many terror groups based in the region were eyeing Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, India’s NDTV television channel reported.
“There are certainly other elements in Pakistan, the Taliban and several other varieties of elements who generally have symbiotic relationships, the most extreme of which might, indeed, value access to nuclear weapons or other weapons that could cause enormous loss of

North Korea ‘may collapse unless it scraps nukes’

SEOUL – North Korea could bring about its own collapse if it keeps pouring resources into nuclear and conventional weapons, South Korea’s national security adviser said in an interview to be screened Monday. Chun Yung-Woo argued in the interview with US public broadcaster PBS that the Pyongyang regime faces so severe an economic crisis that it could collapse sooner than expected. The “energy for change is growing” and will reach “critical mass” at some point in the impoverished