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Britain needs policy on drone-like machines: report

LAHORE – The growing use of unmanned aircraft in combat situations raises huge moral and legal issues, and threatens to make war more likely as armed robots take over from human beings, The Guardian quotes an internal study by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.
The report warns of the dangers of an “incremental and involuntary journey towards a Terminator-like reality”, referring to James Cameron’s 1984 movie, in which humans are hunted by robotic killing machines. David Cameron in

‘CIA no longer needs ISI for FATA operations’

LAHORE – The Central Investigation Agency (CIA) has established its own spy network in the tribal areas of Pakistan, reported The Economic Times newspaper while quoted various sources.
The US said the CIA no longer required any collaboration with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to specify targets for drone strikes. According to a US official, the network was developed during the last two years.
The newspaper says the meeting between the spymasters, CIA Director Leon

An ostrich in DHA needs help

LAHORE – After the death of one ostrich in one of the main parks of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), another ostrich’s life is in danger because it is being kept in unsuitable hygienic conditions, Pakistan Today has learnt. The ostrich is kept at a public park in GG block, DHA. The DHA administration not only seems careless about the ostrich, whose health is deteriorating, but has also failed to meet the requirements of keeping an ostrich. GG Block Park is considered one of the

‘Pakistan needs strong leadership to emerge from its crises’

KARACHI – A crisis of leadership has pushed Pakistan into a quagmire, and the country needs strong leadership to overcome the crises that beset it, argued Germany Deputy Consul-General Dieter Freund during an interview with Pakistan Today late Tuesday evening. Having served his country for the past four years at the Consulate General in Karachi, Freund retired from service on April 12, 2011. Freund was associated with the German foreign ministry for the past 40 years, the last four of

SL cricket needs clean-up: Bayliss

COLOMBO – Sri Lanka’s outgoing coach Trevor Bayliss on Thursday said the country needed a strong and stable cricket administration to allow players to focus only on the game and not be distracted by politics.
“On the field, we’ve done pretty well for past 18 months,” Bayliss said in an interview with AFP. “Getting to the World Cup final itself is an achievement, though we lost (to India).” But off the field, Australian-born Bayliss said, Sri Lanka could improve the way the game

Clarke needs to be ‘formal and firm’: Warne

SYDNEY – New Australia captain Michael Clarke is an astute cricket tactician but will need to be more formal and firm in his man-management, according to spin-bowling great Shane Warne. Clarke was appointed Australia’s 43rd test captain on Wednesday in place of Ricky Ponting, who had resigned a day earlier, and departs with his first squad to Bangladesh for three one-dayers on Monday.
Warne, who took 708 test wickets in a glittering career and remains a highly influential voice