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Folk Heritage Museum keeps tradition alive

The Folk Heritage Museum of Islamabad, frequented by a large number of people, preserves the traditional culture and offers an enchanting journey through splendid civilizations of all the four provinces.
Catering to the pluralistic society of Islamabad, the museum documents the change in culture and tradition starting from the Indus civilization to postmodern times.
A walk down the galleries gives one the impression of passing through different areas of the country in

Heartbreak museum is Croatia’s latest attraction

An iron used for a wedding suit, a rear-view mirror broken in a jealous fit and a lower leg prosthesis — at first it’s hard to find any link between the items on display at a new museum in Croatia.
But every exhibit in the Museum of Broken Relationships has one thing in common — it tells the story of a lost love.
These material remnants of failed romances down the years are sometimes mundane, sometimes bizarre, sometimes funny, sad or even kinky.
The prosthesis is