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Zardari, Munter discuss Davis

ISLAMABAD – Amid reports of the arrival of two leading legal experts from the US to provide legal assistance to Raymond Davis, US Ambassador Cameron P Munter on Saturday met President Asif Ali Zardari at the presidency to discuss the Pak-US joint efforts to resolve the Davis issue.
A well-placed source informed Pakistan Today that the two discussed possible strategies to repatriate Davis, under trial for killing two Pakistanis in Lahore in January. “The two countries are trying

Munter asks Hina to certify diplomatic immunity

ISLAMABAD – US Ambassador Cameron Munter on Monday held a meeting with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar and discussed with her the issue of Raymond Davis, the American jailed in Lahore for murdering two Pakistani citizens.
“Munter had a detailed discussion with the minister of state for foreign affairs and he asked her to certify the diplomatic immunity for Davis,” said an official wishing not to be named. He said the US envoy reiterated that Davis enjoyed

Nawaz to Munter: sorry, can’t release Davis

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE – US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Saturday asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif to use ‘his good offices’ for the release of Raymond Davis, who gunned down two Pakistani citizens in Lahore two days ago.
In a telephone call to Nawaz, Munter requested him to play a role for the release of Davis because the latter was a US diplomat and enjoyed diplomatic immunity. Nawaz turned down Munter’s request, saying that the matter was in

US can encourage Indo-Pak talks on Kashmir: Munter

ISLAMABAD – US Ambassador Cameron Munter on Friday said the US could encourage Pakistan and India to resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue.
He was speaking at a discussion on the US-Pakistan relations held by Islamabad Programme in Global Studies.
He said the US could not dictate India or Pakistan, but as a friend of both countries, it could encourage the two sides to resolve the dispute over Kashmir. Munter said good relations between the two countries would be

Khurshid says Munter intervening in Pakistan’s affairs

ISLAMABAD: Prof Khurshid Ahmad, senator and Naib Amir of the Jamaate Islami Pakistan, on Tuesday said that he had serious concerned about the activities of US Ambassador Cameron Munter.
In a statement Khurshid said that Munter’s visit to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Headquarters and his statement that “if GST is not enforced it would be a blow to the international community’s efforts made to bolster Pakistan economy” and that “enforcement of GST is the key-condition of the IMF”

Tikka diplomacy – Munter plays the PR game

LAHORE: American Ambassador Cameron Munter ventured out on Sunday for a breakfast at an eatery in the cantonment area. The press was briefed beforehand of the Ambassador’s morning adventure. So it was perhaps for damage control after the diplomatic chaos unleashed by the Wikileaks that Munter took to sipping from a glass of lassi during his trip to Lahore. Munter, accompanied by his wife and other US Consulate delegates, had breakfast at Zakir Tikka House were he ate halwa poori,