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Huge ditches, a recurrent feature at Model Town Link Road

Huge ditches, a recurrent feature at Model Town Link Road

Ditch 35 ft deep, 25 ft wide created at centre of road
Ditches created due to leakages in Model Town’s rusty sewage lines
20 applications filed during last 3 years
Old sewage lines:
First: 1970
Second: 1984
18 feet below surface
Two large pits have reappeared on Model Town Link Road. Residents allege the ditches are a consequence of leaking sewage lines. Residents also allege that WASA has shown negligence despite repeated voicing of

Punjab govt’s Model Villages project likely to fail

The Punjab government has pledges for the construction of only 1,346 houses from various donors against its plans of building over than 20,000 houses under the Model Villages project.
Data available with Pakistan Today revealed that only seven percent of the houses could be constructed in accordance with the pledges made by various donors. The government would need Rs 6 billion to construct 204 model villages. However, neither does the government have the funds for

Honda Launches New Hybrid Fit Model

Honda Motor on Friday launched a hybrid version of its popular Fit subcompact car in Japan, making it the cheapest petrol-electric car available on the market.
Expecting to generate considerable sales, Fit Hybrid went on sale with a starting price of 1.59 million yen (19,000 dollars), cheaper than any other hybrid vehicle in Japan. The conventional Fit is priced at about 1.2 million yen.
The vehicle has been launched as a direct competitor to Toyota’s Prius, which has been