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Michael Jackson’s son to testify in court

Michael Jackson’s son to testify in court

Prince Michael, 13, is likely to be called by defence lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray, the singer’s personal physician, at a pre-trial hearing due to start in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Murray’s lawyers will claim he gave Jackson only 25 milligrams of the anaesthetic propofol on the day he died in June, 2009, not the massive overdose that killed him. They will also say Jackson added more of the drug to his intravenous drip while his doctor was in the bathroom and will try to prove the

Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show

LOS ANGELES – The Discovery television network said that it canceled plans to air a reenactment of the autopsy on Michael Jackson’s body, citing an upcoming court hearing and concern by the late pop star’s estate. The show, “Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson,” had been set to air in several countries of western Europe and in the United Kingdom on January 13.
“Given the commencement of legal proceedings beginning next week, and at the request of Michael

Michael Douglas returns to acting

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas who has been battling throat cancer since this summer has returned to his acting career. Douglas has declared he is determined to beat the illness and showed signs of recovery by filming a clip for an online video.
The “Wall Street” star appears in a brooding black and white one-minute clip in which he is seen sitting in a leather armchair. James Franco and Matt Damon have also appeared in the 14 actors series, which sees stars portray classic

Critics say Michael Jackson album better than feared

LOS ANGELES: A sentimental video for Michael Jackson’s new single “Hold My Hand” was released on Thursday as music critics paid grudging respect to the first album of new Jackson material since his death 18 months ago.
Heart-tugging clips from the King of Pop’s performance archive, mixed with children singing and multicultural images of happiness, mark the four-minute music video for the duet recorded with R&B singer and producer Akon in 2007 that is the first official single on

George Michael released from jail

George Michael has regained his freedom. The wayward singer was released from jail Monday after serving almost four weeks for driving under the influence of drugs.
Michael thanked those who had supported him while he was jailed and said, ‘I just want to start again.’
The former ‘Wham!’ singer received an eight-week sentence on Sept. 14 for crashing his car into a London photo shop in July while high on prescription drugs and marijuana.
The judge ordered Michael to serve