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LUMS Olympiad concludes – Creativity on display

LUMS Olympiad concludes – Creativity on display

LAHORE – Exhibitions, screenings and final rounds of competitions marked the end of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Olympiad 2011 on Friday. The event was a great experience for both the delegates and the LUMS host team. Workshops were arranged in photography, dramatics and music for students to learn from the event and take something back. Singer Shiraz Uppal, who attended the event, said, “It was a great pleasure being at the Music Workshop arranged by the LUMS

LUMS Olmypiad: Day 3 – Delegates gear up for exciting semifinals

LAHORE – The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Olympiad 2011 continued with full swing on Thursday, as delegates geared up for the semifinals of the event. A high level of enthusiasm, creativity and team spirit was seen at all the events which had their entertaining moments as well. The screening of the music videos started of with some technical difficulties, but once they were resolved it was a smooth sailing. Only one group of participants was present, the rest being

Olympiad 2011 – 4-day LUMS Olympiad opens with a bang

LAHORE – The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Olympiad 2011 kicked-off at the LUMS Sports Complex on Tuesday. The event was attended by 700-750 participants. The Chief Guest for the function was Mian Yousaf Sallahuddin, maternal grandson of Allama Iqbal. He was a PPP MPA from 1988-1990 and a well known socialite and patron of arts. He is also known as a promoter of Lahore’s culture. The Chief Guest was accompanied by DRUMS Patron Asad Farooq and LMA Patron Ali Khan.

Indian delegation led by Kuldip Nayyar to visit LUMS on 24th

LAHORE – An Indian delegation led by renowned journalist Kuldip Nayyar will visit the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on Thursday, March 24. The delegation will meet faculty members and students and discuss Indo-Pak relations. A meeting will be held at the Saeed Saigol Room which will be followed by a tea reception. LUMS Pro-Chancellor Syed Babar Ali will chair the meeting.

NYT covers LUMS BitMate project

Lahore – The New York Times (NYT) in conjunction with GigaOm published an article “BitMate Brings BitTorrent to the Developing World” on 28th February on the BitMate project undertaken by Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) School of Science and Engineering Computer Sciences (CS) Department Associate Professor and BitMate project Head Dr Umar Saif and students. BitMate is a modified BitTorrent client that allows people to share and download torrents over dial-up

LUMS to hold music festival

LAHORE – Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Music Society will be holding a music festival for the first time on March 4 and 5, and has invited all aspiring musicians from schools and colleges to attend. On the first day, a workshop will be held to sharpen musical skills through interactive discussions on instruments. It will be conducted by Farhad Humayun, Omran Shafique and Salman Ahmad among others. Even those who are not aspiring to be professional musicians are

Ambassadors’ Forum at LUMS

LAHORE – The Inaugural Ceremony of the Ambassadors’ Forum at LUMS was held on Monday. The purpose of this forum is to engage the diplomatic community in an open dialogue on issues of national and international importance.
Besides serving as a platform to invite foreign ambassadors and other international dignitaries, the forum will provide an opportunity to LUMS community to learn and discuss their perspectives about bilateral relationships and matters of geo-strategic interest.

International symposium starts at LUMS

LAHORE – An international colloquium started at LUMS on Saturday in Faiz Ahmed’s honour, while Alhamra hosted an evening with Shabana Azmi, an eminent Indian actress and daughter of Faiz Ahmed’s close friend; Kaifi Azmi; also a poet. The two-day international colloquim, to continue till February 13, features an array of scholars, writers, poets and theatre and TV personalities from all over the world; Pakistan, India, Canada, USA, and UK.
Some of the prominent speakers include

Carnegie Mellon University official visits LUMS

LAHORE – Carnegie Mellon University John Heinz III College Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives Bryan J Tumburro visited the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on Wednesday and met the VC, director marketing and career service officer.
The visit was arranged by the Australian Trade and High Commission. Participants of the meeting explored MoU opportunities and scholarships to establish high-quality candidate pipelines and discussed ongoing development of the

LUMS Mega Career Fair 2011 today

LAHORE – The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Career Service Office will organise the Mega Career Fair 2011 today (Saturday). The event will connect industry leaders and job seekers. The fair gives students and employers a chance to interact with each other in a friendly environment outside the office.
The event would be a good opportunity for students to interact with potential employers. Companies would give presentations and also hold group discussion sessions.

UN picks LUMS as partner in global goals

LAHORE – United Nations selected Lahore University of Management Sciences as one of its ten partners for Academic Impact project.
In an effort to bolster ‘intellectual social responsibility’ for such global goals as promoting human rights, protecting the environment and ending wars, the UN had partnered with institutions of higher learning around the world in a new initiative called Academic Impact in which one goal would be associated with each educational institution.

LUMS YLES concludes with a bang

Lahore – Closing ceremony of the Young Leadership and Entrepreneur Summit (YLES) 2011 was held at Sports Complex of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on Saturday. Winners of different events were rewarded, who received a big applause from the audience. Distinguished guests included entrepreneurs including Mohsin Naqvi from the ICI, Atif Saeed from FM 91, Mahum from Tetra Pack and founding members of the LUMS Entrepreneurship Society (LES) also attended the closing

LUMS YLES – And the event concludes…

LAHORE – The formal dinner of the LUMS Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit (YLES) 2011 was held at old Hockey Field LUMS on Friday. With the pirate theme created with a laboriously made large ship, complete with the ship’s wheel and wooden accents at the front of the tent, with lanterns casting flickering shadows over each round table assembled for the audience, the ship-wrecking ride on YLES 11 began.
The pirates (delegates), dressed in their finest treasures, made their way

LUMS YLES 2011 – Young entrepreneurs enthral visitors

Lahore – The second day of the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ (LUMS) Young Leaders Entrepreneurial Summit (YLES) included exciting events such as the Gold Rush and Business Idea Competition (BIC) mentoring session while the first day of YLES ended with a spectacular carnival.
The host team took carnival essentials such as games and photo booths and turned them into eclectic rural pieces. Blue string lights were placed around trees, illuminating the path by their glow,

Flood entrepreneurs – LUMS YLES to transform students

LAHORE – The Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit (YLES), 2011 kicked off on Wednesday at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Sports Complex with an exciting opening ceremony. This year, theme of YLES is Rural Entrepreneurship and according to organisers, the topic has become particularly important after the recent floods.
The ceremony featured instrumental band Quadrum, as the name suggests, the quartet with four drums offered a unique musical experience. With

Harvard’s Pakistan Caucus visits LUMS

LAHORE – The Pakistan Caucus at the Harvard Kennedy School, a student body working to promote Pakistan’s image amongst the international students studying at Harvard University, visited Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).
The delegation consisted of 10 students who were given the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the Provost of LUMS Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi regarding Public Policy issues in Pakistan. The students from Harvard also interacted with the Deans,