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Lohan linked to necklace mystery

Lohan linked to necklace mystery

Lindsay Lohan is at the centre of a police investigation over the alleged disappearance of a pricey piece of jewellery. The owners of a store in Los Angeles have filed a police report claiming a £1,667 necklace was stolen from the shop, amid allegations surveillance footage shows the actress wearing the piece before it went missing.
Cops are said to have organised a warrant to search the actress’ home on Tuesday night, but one of Lohan’s associates allegedly turned the necklace

Bomb at Greek embassy in Rome linked to anarchist attack

ROME – A parcel bomb found at the Greek embassy in Rome on Monday was similar to packages that went off injuring two people at the Chilean and Swiss missions in a suspected attack by anarchists, police said.
The package was “similar to those that exploded last week in the Chilean and Swiss embassies,” Salvatore Cagnazzo, a police spokesman, told AFP.
“The mail worker at the embassy opened it but it didn’t go off,” he said, adding that the package was then de-activated by

Six suspected terrorists linked to foreign militant group arrested

KARACHI – Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) have arrested six suspected terrorists with links to an Iran-based militant organization, foiling their bid to form a terrorist wing of the outfit in Karachi, intelligence sources told Pakistan Today on Saturday.
The suspects are believed to be involved in sectarian killings of over 100 people. They have been shifted to an unidentified location and raids are being carried out to arrest their 13 accomplices.
The arrested men are

Greek weapons cache not linked to guerrillas-police

ATHENS: Greek police said on Sunday that a cache of weapons found in apartments in Athens this weekend did not match guns used in recent attacks by leftist guerrilla groups.
Police raided 16 houses across Greece, detained 17 people and arrested four men on Saturday, two days before the anniversary of the worst riots in decades, sparked by the police killing of a teenager on December 6, 2008.
Seven handguns, three machine guns, boxes of bullets, grenades, explosives and