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Sorange Mines blasts: the need to revamp safety legislation

News of suicide attacks, drone attacks, targeted killings, attacks on schools and shrines flash across the media as breaking news, but the Sorange mines accident was lost somewhere in the cacophony of these no-less-disturbing incidents. The Sorange mines, which are located 16 kilometres east of Quetta and contain 12.95 million tonnes of coal, are where 43 poor miners lost their lives apparently owing to poor ventilation. Last year alone these poor departed souls had mined 60,404

Resolutions, not legislation, legacy of Sindh Assembly’s past three years

KARACHI – While showing extraordinary consensus in passing resolutions, the Sindh Assembly could not show the same spirit in carrying out legislation during the past three years – ostensibly due to disagreements between the two major partners in the coalition government, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), reveal official figures released by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Thursday.
Briefing journalists about the Sindh Assembly’s three-year

PPP, PML-N mulling legislation to trim assemblies’ tenure

ISLAMABAD – The ruling PPP and the PML-N are mulling a proposal to move a joint legislation to trim the term of national and provincial assemblies from five years to four years – a situation that suites both the parties ruling in the centre and the Punjab.
A source confided to Pakistan Today on Saturday that the ruling PPP wanted to secure its majority in the Upper House in the upcoming Senate elections. The source said once the PPP and PML-N had a thorough discussion on the

Punjab Legislation Project goes online

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday inaugurated the website of the Online Legislation Project, “Awareness about Law for Everyone” at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat. The website will promote public awareness about laws and policies of various departments of the provincial government. Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that online provision of information to the general public about laws of government departments was a revolutionary step of the Punjab

PPP-MQM differences prevent substantive legislation

KARACHI – Though the MQM members had returned to the Sindh Assembly on Thursday after ending their boycott, the differences between the MQM and the PPP on major issues still persisted. Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro prorogued the session without waiting for a consensus between the two parties.
It was the second continuous session of the Provincial Assembly that was convened on Tuesday, a day after prorogation of the earlier session. The previous session had started on

Legislation expected today, as MQM set to return to Sindh Assembly

KARACHI – The Sindh Assembly might start legislation from Wednesday (today) after the expected return of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s major coalition partner – the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) – to the House as the latter is likely to end its boycott of the Provincial Assembly.
The freshly convened Sindh Assembly session started on Tuesday with Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in chair. Sindh Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani told the chair that legislation was delayed

Lawmakers seek legislation to hold bureaucracy accountable

ISLAMABAD – The National Assembly on Tuesday referred a bill pertaining to amend the Constitution to a committee while another bill was withdrawn and four reports of the National Assembly standing committees were submitted to the House.
The Bill to further amend the Civil Servants Act 1973, titled as the Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill 2008, was moved by MNAs Dr Donya Aziz, Khurram Dastgair Khan, Ghulam Hyder Samejo and others. Moving the Bill, Khurram Dastagir said the bill

PIMA calls for legislation to protect doctors

FAISALABAD – Following the frequent arrest and detention of doctors in connection with deaths of patients attributed to mistreatment and negligence, an Islamabad-based professional organization of doctors and physicians has called for a new legislation to protect doctors’ rights.
Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) Chairman Dr Shafqat Javed and General Secretary Dr Mumtaz Hussain have demanded a legislation, delegating the authority to prosecute a doctor to a

Legislation against domestic violence in limbo

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to its claims to providing equal rights to the women, the government has done little, as legislation against the domestic violence is still a distant dream.
The government took six years (previous and incumbent) to draft a piece of legislation to curb domestic violence and got the Domestic Violence (Protection and Prevention) Act passed by the National Assembly in August last year but the Bill lapsed as the Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs could not

IMF links giving aid to reformed GST legislation

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) team on Wednesday linked the release of next tranche of $1.7 billion with the presentation of draft legislation on the reformed general sales tax (RGST) in the national and provincial assembles prior to the next IMF board meeting.
Annoyed with the non-implementation of the reforms in the power sector and the reformed GST, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stressed upon the government to give a clear implementation plan on