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Leggies honour Warne’s legacy

Leggies honour Warne’s legacy

DHAKA – The success of Shahid Afridi and Imran Tahir at the World Cup has laid to rest fears that the art of leg-spin had died with the retirement of the charismatic Shane Warne. Warne, probably the greatest leg-spinner to grace the sport, fooled batsmen with his wizardy and guile before retiring in 2007 with 708 Test and 293 one-day wickets for Australia.
But his legacy lives on with Pakistan captain Afridi, South Africa’s Tahir and even Canada’s portly Balaji Rao proving wrist

‘Hameed Nizami’s legacy is under illegal occupation’

LAHORE – Nawa-e-Waqt founder and Pakistan Movement worker Hameed Nizami’s legacy is under illegal occupation and people behind the coup are thrusting their own thoughts on it, Hameed Nizami’s son and Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami said.
He was addressing participants of the Hameed Nizami Day event organised by the Hameed Nizami Memorial Society on Sunday at the Alhamra Arts Council. Punjab Governor Latif Khosa presided over the function while Daily Pakistan Chief Editor

The Hilux legacy continues?

LAHORE – Psychologists define it as an emotion while philosophers call it a state of elation. Religious scholars pose that there is nothing like it and youngsters all claim to have experienced it. No matter how we choose to define it, we can’t deny its existence and so this valentines day Pakistan Today catches up with some of the musicians to see how they define the crazy little thing called love and how they choose to spent the day.
The lovebird that’s very professional

TRON: Legacy

LOS ANGELES – The problems with ‘TRON: Legacy’ can be traced back to its origins. According to lore, Disney execs spent years kicking around various ideas for revisiting or remaking TRON, Steven Lisberger’s groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi flick which, among other achievements, originated the concept of CGI, but nothing stuck and the project stagnated until producer Sean Bailey happened upon an effects test reel created on spec by Joseph Kosinski, a commercial director by trade and

Sheen lives his ‘Tron: Legacy’ cyber fantasy

LOS ANGELES – When Michael Sheen was offered a role in ‘Tron: Legacy’, he just couldn’t believe the coincidence. He had seen the original film as an 11-year-old and loved it. So, when a chance came to play a human-shaped computer programme in the sci-fi, Sheen just grabbed the chance and didn’t wait to bargain over the money.
The Welsh actor still can’t believe he is a part of the 3D sci-fi outing, that is releasing worldwide Friday. It also stars Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner