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No one is above the law: Supreme Court

No one is above the law: Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that it had jurisdiction under the constitution to serve notices to intelligence agencies as no one was above the law.
“The Supreme Court has wider jurisdiction under Articles 184(3) and 185 of the constitution to issue notices to the respondents in cases of public importance,” the court ruled.
A three-member Supreme Court bench comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Ghulam Rabbani and

‘Blasphemy law doesn’t apply to non-Muslims’

ISLAMABAD: A petition with a contention that blasphemy law, and the subsequent capital punishment under it, does not apply to non-Muslims and women is likely to be filed in the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) tomorrow (Friday).
The petition drafted by Dr Muhammad Aslam Khaki, senior Supreme Court lawyer and noted teacher of Islamic Jurisprudence and Jurisconsult to the FSC, states that according to Muslim jurists, capital punishment for blasphemy could not be accorded to non-Muslims

Blasphemy law will not be repealed: Bhatti

LAHORE: Religious parties protested outside the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday as Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti said Pakistan would not repeal its controversial blasphemy law but might amend it to prevent abuse because scrapping the legislation could fuel militancy.
“(Repeal) is not being considered though we are considering changing it so that misuse of the law should be stopped,” Bhatti said. He said consultations with Islamic clerics and representatives

Repealing blasphemy law will fuel militancy: minister

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti said on Tuesday Pakistan would not repeal its controversial blasphemy law but might amend it to prevent abuse because scrapping the legislation could fuel militancy.
“(Repeal) is not being considered though we are considering changing it so that misuse of the law should be stopped,” Bhatti said.
He said consultations with Islamic clerics and representatives of religious minorities on amending the law would soon

Canadian law keeps Musharraf from beating up protesters

TORONTO: After a bunch of people raised slogans against him the other day, former president Pervez Musharraf said he would have asked his party workers to ‘beat up’ the demonstrators had he not been afraid of Canada’s law. Musharraf made these comments while addressing a convention of his party, the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), in Toronto.
According to media reports, he claimed that Osama bin Laden had provided the funds that allowed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief

Law Ministry handed out Rs 220m to Bars

ISLAMABAD: The Law Ministry disbursed over Rs 220 million during 2009-10 among various bar associations across the country, the Senate was told on Friday.
The said figures are much higher than the previous amount of over Rs 90 million meted out during 2008-9. In a written reply to a question raised by JUI-F Senator Hafiz Rashid Ahmed, Law Minister Babar Awan told the Upper House that the ministry was provided Rs 80 million as supplementary grants during 2008-09, whereas it had a

No martial law, no mid-term polls: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Denying demands from various quarters for mid-term elections, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said being the protector of the parliament, he would never dissolve the assembly.
“There are two ways of going for mid-term elections… either I dissolve the assembly or martial law is imposed in the country… but none of the two will happen,” a Gilani replied to PML-N MNA Hanif Abbasi’s point of order criticising the government and demanding mid-term elections.

Reforms body to review law that governs judges’ appointment

ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms Monday decided to reconsider the judges’ appointment procedure in line with the Supreme Court’s interim order.
The committee meeting, chaired by Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, examined the interim order passed by the Supreme Court (SC) and said that the decision was an important step in recognizing institutional jurisdiction.
It decided to review the rules to be formulated under clauses 8 and 14 of the Article

No consensus on accountability law due to PPP-PML-N differences

ISLAMABAD: As corruption goes unchecked across the country, there are bleak chances of the passage of a consensus accountability bill by parliament to ensure a strict and transparent mechanism to check corruption.
Although the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice is scheduled to meet tomorrow (Monday), yet the members of the committee see no chances of consensus.
“The government introduced a toothless accountability bill 18 months back in the National

French unions fight on as pension law nears adoption

The French government struggled to restore fuel supplies on Saturday, but unions dug in their heels at strike-hit oil refineries after the Senate approved the pension reform bill at the heart of the dispute.
Despite weeks of protests and strikes that have hit railways and refineries hardest, the flagship reform of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s term is expected to be finally adopted by Wednesday. On the first day of a 12-day mid-term school holiday, Transport Minister

‘Fight for rule of law will continue’

LAHORE: Human rights activist and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) presidential candidate Asma Jahangir in an interview before the SCBA elections to Pakistan Today declared the agenda of her candidature.
Do you think you have enough support for winning the election?
I have struggled hard for the rule of law, democracy and human rights in the country and have won the support of a large number of lawyers from all political parties. I will continue to strive for the rule

Christian Personal Law to be reviewed

All Christian schools of thought to participate in the review
Christians are not being provided exemption to practice personal law, says minister
Minority department releases Rs. 6.6 mllion to TEVTA for training of minority students
LAHORE: Presiding over a special meeting, Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs, Kamran Michael has said government will ensure the participation of personnel from all Christian schools of thought in the review process of Christian

LHC issues stay on termination of 62 law officers

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday stayed the termination of at least 62 district law officers including prosecutors and deputy prosecutors and issued notice to the Punjab government for Oct 19.
Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed restrained the government from withdrawing the perks and privileges of the law officers while hearing their petitions.
The officers challenged their removal pleading that the government had not adopted any legal course when terminating their

Supremacy of law top priority, CJ LHC

Solving problems of the litigants at the earliest by appointing honest and hardworking judges to ensure the supremacy of law was the top priority of the judiciary Chief Justice Lahore High Court (CJ LHC) Khawaja Muhammad Sharif said on Sunday while talking to delegation of various lawyers led by Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi.
The legal profession demanded honesty and integrity from the lawyers and the judges because people trusted them with their personal affairs and lives, he said.