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12-hour load shedding affects labourers

12-hour load shedding affects labourers

WAZIRABAD – Twelve-hour load shedding schedule given by the GEPCO has affected the workers and laborers of Wazirabad economically.
The workers and laborers are unable to keep their body and soul together due to this intolerable load shedding and the local cottage industry of cutlery in Wazirabad has gone to the verge of destruction.
All Pakistan Cutlery and Utensils Association Wazirabad have demanded GEPCO reduce this unscheduled load shedding in Wazirabad to enable the

SCBA president condemns police torture of labourers

LAHORE – Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Aasma Jahangir condemned the police’s torture of Punjab Tenants’ Association, young doctors and lady health workers and their arrests. In a statement issued on Thursday, she said that the police ‘highhandedness’ on the protestors exposed the slogan of good governance in Punjab. She said holding a protest was a basic human right and people could not take to roads when their rights were not protected.
She said that in a

Labourers demand righting the wrongs

ISLAMABAD – A group of clerics of an eminent religious seminary is mulling requests submitted by over 2,000 labourers and workers seeking a decree to legitimise social crimes, including thefts, to help them fight skyrocketing prices.
Maulana Saif Rabbani, a close aide of the Mohtamim of Jamia Binoria Karachi, Mufti Muhammad Naeem, told Pakistan Today that after failing in their efforts to meet the hiking prices, around 2,000 labourers had lodged separate written applications

Landlord grabs labourer’s inherited house

HAFIZABAD – A landlord of village Punj Garain near Hafizabad grabbed the house of a poor family.
According to details, a poor labourer, Khizar Hayat, had been living in his inherited house in the village since long. On the day of the incident, a landlord of the same village, Muhammad Ali, along with five armed accomplices, stormed into the house, threw his household items out of it and took illegal possession of it.
The poor family that was deprived of shelter went from

Labour Department builds 1,296 houses for the labourers

LAHORE – Provincial Labour and Auqaf Minister Syed Ehsaan-ud-Din Qureshi announced the establishment of a residential colony for labourers consisting 1296 houses worth Rs 2177 million each on Defence Road, during a departmental briefing on Wednesday. Qureshi said 70 percent development work had been completed in the colony where all basic and modern residential facilities will be available.
He said that forty-six workers’ welfare schools will be set up for the labourers’ children

‘30% of lawmakers must be labourers’

LAHORE – Federal Organisation for Banks and Financial Institutions Employees Malik Mehar Hussain requested the federal government on Saturday to allocate 30 percent seat quota for labourers in national and provincial assemblies.
He urged the federal government to re-instate all sacked United Bank Limited (UBL) employees. Hussain paid homage to founder of banks trade unions Ghulam Miran Kashmiri and urged the federal government to suspend Clause 27-B of the Banking Service

Investigation team formed to probe Hindu labourer’s torture case

MIRPURKHAS: An inquiry committee was set up on Sunday to investigate the case of the labourer who was allegedly set on fire by a landlord and his aides in Kot Ghulam Mohammad taluka of Mirpurkhas district on Saturday (November 13).
The investigation team comprises of Sindhri Supervisory Police Officer (SPO) Mohammad Ayub Dar, Satellite town SPO Bilawal Maher, Kot Ghulam Mohammad (KGM) Station House Officer (SHO) Lala Javed and KGM Police Investigation Officer Abdul Sattar

Factory sacks 16 workers, 200 labourers without notice

Workers of STHAL Co. engineering factory staged a protest against the illegal dismissal of 16 of their colleagues, on the allegation of being involved in the formation of a union.
The protestors gathered at Assembly hall and blocked Mall road for half an hour. They chanted slogans against the administration of the factory and Provincial Minister of Labor Ashraf Sohna.
Leader of the protest Gulzar Ahmad Chaudary told Pakistan Today that the administration of the