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US might consider civilian N-assistance to Pakistan, Kerry told Zardari

ISLAMABAD – US Senator John Kerry told President Asif Zardari in 2010 that the US might consider civilian nuclear assistance to Pakistan if Islamabad was able to enter into a security arrangement with India and also strengthens its democratic institutions, according to a memo released by WikiLeaks.
Senator Kerry told this to President Zardari in a meeting held on February 16, 2010, said the diplomatic memo sent to Washington by the then ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Patterson on

US Senator Kerry ‘deeply concerned’ at removal

DHAKA – US Senator John Kerry says he is “deeply concerned” by efforts to remove Muhammad Yunus from the Grameen Bank he founded and urged the Bangladesh government and Nobel laureate to reach a compromise. The 70-year-old economist was abruptly sacked as managing director of Dhaka-based Grameen Bank by Bangladesh’s central bank on Wednesday in what his supporters say was the culmination of a year-long vendetta against him.
Kerry, who heads the powerful US Senate foreign

Senator John Kerry steps in to save Davis

ISLAMABAD: US Senator John Kerry and the US House of Representatives’ Speaker John Boehner have stepped in to secure the release of American national Raymond Davis, currently detained in Lahore for killing two Pakistanis, as the diplomatic row between Islamabad and Washington intensified on Friday after the Lahore Police declared the incident a “cold-blooded murder”, not an act of self-defence.
The US authorities increased pressure on the Pakistani government to provide

Bashir comments ‘extremely encouraging’, says Kerry

KHARTOUM – The latest remarks by Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir on the upcoming referendum on southern independence are “extremely encouraging,” US Senator John Kerry said on Wednesday in Khartoum.
Bashir on a visit to the southern capital Juba on Tuesday said he would celebrate the results of the referendum even if the south chooses to secede, and pledged last week to help build a secure, stable and “brotherly” southern state if it votes for independence.
Kerry hailed the