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Rangers arrest 25 in Karachi

The Rangers launched search operation in different areas here in the city and arrested 25 people while four more persons were killed in the city. The Rangers launched a sudden search operation

MQM-H wants army action in Karachi

Peace in Karachi can only be restored if rangers and the army carry out an operation against the Indian intelligence agency(RAW)-trained murderers and assassinators who are carrying out unlawful activities under the

31 killed as Karachi bleeds, burns

Despite repeated assurances from the government, hectic efforts by political and religious leaders, several peace rallies and a civil society begging for the restoration of peace, there was no letup in violence

13 more killed in Karachi

The government and its allies’ efforts to bring peace to Karachi proved ineffective on Sunday as another 13 people were killed in various incidents of violence in the city, bringing the total