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Bus-oil tanker collision kills 33 in Jamshoro

KARACHI – At least 33 people, including women and children, were killed and 15 injured when a Sukkur-bound passenger bus rammed into an oil tanker in the wee hours of Sunday in Nooriabad located 94km from Karachi, rescue sources told Pakistan Today.
The tanker was moving when the bus crashed into it due to the negligence of the bus driver and, resultantly, both the vehicles caught fire and were completely gutted.
Some passengers managed to climb out of the bus after breaking

Voices from Jamshoro reach Karachi

KARACHI – A painting exhibition titled ‘Tales from the Desert-4 – Voices from Jamshoro’ opened at the IVS gallery on Wednesday, showcasing the works of four young artists from Jamshoro.
The art pieces of Shafique Ahmed Tunio, displayed as the ‘Teeli Series’, depicted his childhood memories of playing with matchsticks and making toys with them.
He then found those matchsticks very close to his self and started expressing his inner self through these tiny, fragile and