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Hezbollah suspected in Bulgarian bus bombing

Bulgaria has pointed an accusing finger at the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah over a bus bombing last July that killed five Israeli tourists. Tsvetan Tsevtnov, Bulgarian interior minister, said on Tuesday that

Hezbollah denies involvement in Bahrain unrest

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s Hezbollah on Thursday vehemently rejected accusations that it was involved in training members of the Shiite opposition engaged in anti-regime protests in Bahrain.
“We cannot remain silent as concerns accusations about training (regime opponents),” the Shiite militant group said in a statement. “The accusations are aimed at undermining the peaceful demonstrations of the oppressed people.” The statement was in reaction to charges by Bahrain’s foreign minister

‘Egypt Hezbollah cell escaped in prison break’

CAIRO – Members of a cell belonging to the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah and convicted of plotting attacks in Egypt were among the escapees in a weekend prison break, a security official told AFP on Thursday.
The 22 cell members fled on Sunday along with members of Palestinian group Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and thousands of other convicts during a mass breakout amid anti-government protests in Egypt. The Hezbollah members escaped from Wadi Natrun north of Cairo after

Lebanon braces for worst as Hezbollah snubs UN Hariri probe

BEIRUT: Lebanon braced on Friday for a fresh political crisis after Hezbollah urged a boycott of a UN-backed tribunal on the murder of former leader Rafiq Hariri and the United Nations warned of a “hyper-dangerous” situation.
Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the militant Shiite party, called on all Lebanese on Thursday to end cooperation with investigators probing the ex-premier’s 2005 assassination, warning “citizens and politicians alike” that further collaboration was equivalent to