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Gilani’s visit will help Pak-Afghan ties, says FO

Gilani’s visit will help Pak-Afghan ties, says FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said on Sunday that he hoped Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s Kabul visit would help enhance Pak-Afghan economic ties.
Basit said the main objective of Gilani’s visit was to increase mutual trust, as it was in the benefit of both countries. He said a lot of progress was made in trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan during the last two years, which had raised the masses’ expectations of cordial and friendly bilateral

Iran offers Hariri help for Lebanese military

TEHRAN: Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Sunday told Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri that Tehran was prepared to help the Lebanese army, state television’s website reported.
“We have stated on several occasions, and we say it again today, that we stand alongside the Lebanese army and are prepared to cooperate” with it, Vahidi said during a meeting with the visiting premier, the report said.
In a symbolic move, Vahidi offered Hariri an Iranian-made sub-machine gun

‘Sindh does not need help from provinces’

KARACHI: Contrary to popular belief, Sindh’s agriculture sector had achieved its government-fixed target of Rs470 billion, provincial Tourism Minister Shazia Marri said while addressing a workshop arranged by the Liberal Forum on Saturday.
“Why should be expect help from others? We will be the first ones to help the people of our province,” she said. Political parties were misguiding people on the Reformed GST issue and should apologize to people for supporting dictatorship in

Sindh will propel public and private firms to help flood victims

KARACHI: Dejected by the weak response from international donors, the Sindh government is planning to mobilise public and private firms, both local and international, for the reconstruction of flood-hit areas in the province, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Governments of Sindh and Punjab have slashed down their development and non-developmental expenditures by Rs 45 billion and Rs 30 billion, respectively following almost zero response from the international community.

Japan PM urges China to help ‘restrain’ North Korea

TOKYO: Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Wednesday called on China to use its influence over North Korea to ease tensions on the divided peninsula, after Pyongyang’s deadly shelling of a South Korean island.
Kan also held a telephone conversation with South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak in which he underlined Japan’s strong ties with Seoul and Washington and agreed to work closely together.
The government also hinted it would consider tougher sanctions against Pyongyang

US to help with 150MW wind power project

ISLAMABAD: The US and Pakistan on Sunday signed a 150 megawatt wind power generation project.
“Today, the governments of Pakistan and the US, together with American power company AES Corporation, agreed to create a public-private partnership to develop a 150mw, $375 million wind power generation project in the Gharo Corridor area,” said a US Embassy statement.
“The project will produce 150 megawatts of new, “clean” power serving some 600,000 homes and will reduce Pakistan’s

Zulqarnain offers to help ICC eradicate ‘fixing’

LAHORE: Pakistan wicket-keeper Zulqarnain Haider has offered to work with the International Cricket Council to eradicate the menace of match-fixing from the game. Haider said that any player involved in match-fixing should be banned for life and offered his complete help to end the corruption from cricket.
“If the International Cricket Council wants to eradicate corruption from the game, it should start tapping the telephonic conversations of suspected players and monitor their

Sindh seeks EU help to develop Thar coal

KARACHI: The Sindh government has decided to approach the European Union (EU) to benefit from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) in its quest to develop the Thar and Badin coalfields and overcoming the persistent energy crisis, Pakistan Today has learnt.
It would also seek the latest research data and information on the underground coal gasification technology from the EU that would assist in harnessing the coalfields.
Direct funding from the RFCS is restricted to

Islamabad seeks Delhi’s help in Mumbai attacks trial

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad on Saturday urged New Delhi to allow a Pakistani commission to visit India to gather more evidence for the prosecution of seven suspects linked to the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
Interior Minister Rehman Malik had proposed sending a judicial commission to India to record witnesses’ statements, as the trial of seven suspects continues in Pakistan. Indian Deputy High Commissioner in Islamabad Rahul Kulshreshth was called to the Foreign Office (FO), where Director

Reconciliation will help Pakistan: Malik

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik said on Saturday that the government was fostering reconciliation and consensus in the national interest.
Talking to media at the Jinnah International Airport, he said that the government intended to take all coalition partners into confidence on the national issues and it was because of this trust that “the PPP and the Muttahida Quami Movement arranged a peaceful funeral for Dr Imran Farooq,” he said.

Peace with Palestinians would help US on Iran: Peres

Israel needs good ties with the US to survive and must be more understanding of US demands over securing peace with the Palestinians, Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Friday.
Peres said an end to the Palestinian conflict would improve the US’ own security position in the Middle East and help isolate Iran. His comments came as a diplomatic deadlock deepened over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to bow to demands from Washington to extend a freeze

‘Media must help the raped to raise voice’

LAHORE: War Against Rape (WAR) Lahore, lawyers and journalists held a discourse, at WAR’s office in Lahore on Tuesday, aiming at bringing about recommendations to tackle the issue of rape.
The issue of rape was not limited to women and girls only as boys had also been targets in many cases. Therefore one of the matters discussed was that laws against incest were not broad enough and did not protect children to the extent that they should, Sidra Humayun spoke on behalf of WAR.

Kaizan can help Pakistan expand trade: Japanese envoy

KARACHI: Japanese General of Karachi, Masaharu Sato, at a certificate distribution ceremony, expressed that Kaizan is imperative for the world and believed it can help Pakistan achieve numerous goals and objectives.
Sato informed the ceremony that the Kaizan technique is appropriate for any area, and helps individuals improve their careers, while corporations and industries can enhance their services and product output.
He said adoption of principles of Kaizan could

Rapper’s good deed could help image with judge

T.I.’s help in talking down a suicidal man from an Atlanta skyscraper may also help the rapper’s image as he faces the possibility of returning to federal prison after prosecutors say he violated his probation.
T.I. is scheduled to appear in court on Friday to explain to a federal judge why he should stay out of prison. If found guilty of violating his probation, T.I.’s attorneys say he should face at most between five and 11 months in prison.
He served a 10-month sentence

Lava and ashes help create new Icelandic perfume

A new line of perfume is about to explode onto the Icelandic market, made of melt water from a glacier sitting on top of the Eyjafjoell volcano that erupted in April, spreading ash and flight chaos across Europe.
“When Eyjafjoell started erupting I suddenly got the idea to bring the power of Icelandic nature into people’s homes,” Icelandic designer Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir, head of company Gydja Collection, explained Tuesday.
That is when “the idea of using water from the

PSM hires five officers on high salaries to help counter crises

KARACHI: The new administration of the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) has hired five high salaried officers on contract basis amid the entity’s severe financial crunch.
The administration has hired Noor A Memon as the administration director, Khursheed Abbas as the security general manager, Brig (Retd) Rao Wahab as the director in administration, Razzaq Baloch as the deputy general manager in administration and also hired a person as the financial adviser.
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