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Mob throws Ukrainian MP in garbage bin

A former minister in Viktor Yanukovich’s parliament was thrown in a rubbish bin and pelted with trash by a mob after Ukraine ratifies economic ties with the European Union. Vitaly Zhuravsky, once

Garbage is in the air!

ISLAMABAD APP Burning heaps of garbage in various sectors particularly I-12 is causing air pollution besides damaging the beauty of capital. Tons of domestic and hospital waste are daily collected by the

Disposing garbage the scientific way

CDA chairman approves up-gradation of CDA Sanitation Directorate ISLAMABAD APP Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Maroof Afzal on Tuesday approved up-gradation of the Sanitation Directorate to further improve the sanitation system. While

Dispose of garbage, no money needed!

The Holy family Hospital (HFH) has refused to pay for rented garbage disposal plant. The HFH administration reportedly owes millions of rupees to the company. According to sources, hospital’s own plant has

City of Lights… think again!

All major roads in the ‘city of lights’ are littered with heaps of garbage as the municipal administration has run out of funds even for paying salaries to sanitary workers and running