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‘US pressure’ forced Gambia to sever Tehran ties: Iranian MP

‘US pressure’ forced Gambia to sever Tehran ties: Iranian MP

TEHRAN: A senior Iranian MP accused Gambia on Tuesday of bowing to pressure from the United States after the tiny African country severed ties with Iran, the official IRNA news agency reported.
“This move is seen as a result of American pressure as well as US policies aimed at damaging Iran’s relations with different countries, including in Africa,” said Alaeddin Borujerdi, the head of parliament’s foreign policy commission.
The lawmaker sought to play down relations between

Private employees forced to work on Eid without bonuses

LAHORE: Thousands of workers of private companies sacrifice their joy of celebrating Eidul Azha for the sake of their jobs without getting any bonus and compensation in return, Pakistan Today has learnt.
People working at bakeries, hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps and playlands have expressed their concerns over the inhuman attitude of their employees who forced them to work on festive occasions by openly violating labour laws.
Most of these workers belong to areas

Germany attacks forced marriages

Germany’s cabinet Wednesday agreed new draft laws against forced marriages and tough measures against immigrants who fail to integrate into society, amid a fierce debate about immigration in the country.
Forcing someone into marriage will now be considered a criminal act in itself, punishable by up to five years in prison, under the legislation drawn up by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. Previously, forced marriage had been considered under the law as a

Students forced to protest against four-year bachelor’s programme

Students enrolled in recently introduced four-year bachelor honours program by the Higher Education Department (HED) at three boy colleges have been facing have been threatened and forced by student union members to join protests against the four-year programme.
HED recently introduced the four-year program at the three boys’ colleges including Government MAO College, Islamia College Civil Lines and Science College Wahdat Road. These incidents raise concern about the