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‘Double Shah’ finally charged

An accountability court on Monday charged Munawar Hussain Gilani, Pir Syed Sibtul Hassan Shah Gilani alias Double Shah, Syeda Farhat Hassan, Chan Pir and Shoukat Ali of being involved in a financial

Better sense prevails, finally

Better sense seems to have prevailed and the dust raised over the executive-judiciary standoff is likely to settle with both sides showing flexibility as a middle ground has been taken, with the

More gestures of nothingness? – Vizier of reconciliation finally sees 11 political target killers

KARACHI – Law enforcement agencies have arrested 11 of the most-wanted target killers, who are responsible for killing over 100 citizens, disclosed Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday at a joint press conference with Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah at the CM House. The press conference was held after a meeting to deliberate the law and order situation in Sindh, particularly in Karachi. The top brass of the Sindh Police and Pakistan Rangers- Sindh as well as others

Finally devolution of five more ministries approved

ISLAMABAD – The implementation commission on 18th Constitutional Amendment on Saturday gave approval to the transfer of five more ministries to the provinces in the second phase of the devolution plan.
However, the federal cabinet would give a final approval to the devolution of the ministries in its upcoming meeting, following which the ministries along with their subsidiary departments would be transferred to the provinces by March 30.
Members of the commission and the

Cameras finally roll on ‘The Hobbit’

WELLINGTON – After years of wrangling and delays, Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson finally called “action” on his latest Tolkien epic ‘The Hobbit.’
The $500 million project, a two-part prequel to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, began filming in New Zealand Monday, Hollywood studio Warner Bros. said. “Production has commenced in Wellington,” Warner Bros. said in a statement.
‘The Hobbit’ has been dogged by problems, prompting British actor Martin Freeman, who plays the

Pakistan finally halts the Aussie juggernaut

SPORTS THIS WEEK – Pakistan broke Australia’s 34 match World Cup winning streak with an outstanding bowling and fielding performance. Their batsmen then hung around just long enough to squeeze out a memorable triumph which would take their team to the top of the Group ‘A’ standings.
It is a mystery why Pakistan has to give their fans a nervous breakdown by taking every run chase down to the wire. Having reduced Australia to 170 odd with a display of professional, tight bowling

40-year-long wait finally comes to an end

KARACHI – After a 40-year-long wait, the ashes of 130 Sindhi Hindus, Japanese, Chinese and Buddhists have finally reached their eternal destination – the Ganges River in India, which holds a very sacred position in Hinduism. Ashes stored in earthen pots, and plastic and steel jars were lying at a local cremation ground in Karachi since 1970 because the Indian government had been refusing to issue visas to the loved ones of the deceased people.
Though the relatives of 130 people

Natalie finally ‘reconciled’ with career

Though she has been an actor for much of her 29 years, Natalie Portman admits there was a time when she wondered about other career choices. “There were moments when I questioned it, when I was thinking, ‘What is the purpose of this in our world? Is it as meaningful as being a doctor, being a teacher, or things that I think of as such noble professions?,'” said the daughter of a doctor and a teacher.
“But I think I’ve really reconciled myself with that, and I think art is not