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What’s happening to the US economy?

The American economy has recently slowed dramatically, and the probability of another economic downturn increases with each new round of data. This is a sharp change from the economic situation at the

It’s the economy, stupid

As we grapple with load shedding, intermittent bomb blasts and public spankings of our national self-esteem in the global arena, let us not forget the silver lining: the sweltering heat means that

Obama sees America’s pain on economy

US President Barack Obama acknowledged in a television broadcast Thursday that many Americans were still feeling the pain of a slow economic recovery, but insisted his policies were working. “People still aren’t

Economy on the path to stability

Despite several internal and external challenges, the country’s economy is gradually moving towards sustained stability, economic indicators suggest. The country’s foreign exchange reserves continue to remain over $17 billion, while other economic

PIAF casts an eye on economy

Turning around the economy is possible. But to achieve this difficult goal, the government must chalk out an economic agenda with a clear cut system of implementation. These views were expressed by