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Disney park to rise in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Walt Disney Co broke ground on its long-awaited Shanghai Disneyland theme park on Friday, banking on its global brand and fairytale attractions to draw millions of visitors and boost its profits in the region.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in traditional Chinese garb, took to the stage with Cinderella and Snow White to launch a Magic Kingdom-styled park tailored specifically to China. Disney’s first theme park in mainland China and its third in Asia will cost 24.5

Writer sues Disney and Pixar for stolen ‘Cars’

LOS ANGELES – A British screenwriter is suing Disney and Pixar, claiming the animated hit ‘Cars’ and its forthcoming sequel are based in part on work he submitted in the early 1990s. Jake Mandeville-Anthony is seeking an injunction to stop the June 24 theatrical release of ‘Cars 2.’ He filed the claim this week in U.S. District Court. According to the complaint, Mandeville claimed he created a three-part screenplay titled ‘Cookie & Co.,’ about the true-life adventure of race-car

Disney torpedoes Zemeckis’ ‘Yellow Submarine’

LOS ANGELES – The Walt Disney Co. has scuttled a planned remake of the Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ being developed by the producer of its costly bomb ‘Mars Needs Moms,’ sources tell.
‘Submarine’ was already facing a few rocky reefs before this past weekend, when Robert Zemeckis’ $150 million-budgeted ‘Mars Needs Moms’ opened to just $6.9 million. There were budget issues, and a key presentation Zemeckis was to have made to the surviving members and heirs of the Beatles kept being

‘Dragon’ dominates Annie Awards, Disney stays home

LOS ANGELES – ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ has swept the animation prizes at the Annie Awards, with the DreamWorks production winning 10 trophies including best picture at a ceremony boycotted by rival Disney. Presented by the International Animated Film Society, the Annies often are a forecast for the animated-feature category at the Academy Awards.
But ‘Toy Story 3,’ from Disney’s Pixar Animation, remains the favorite for the Feb. 27 Oscars. ‘Toy Story 3’ was nominated for

Disney animators faced knotty problem with ‘Tangled’

LOS ANGELES: The makers of the latest Disney animated blockbuster “Tangled” say one of the biggest challenges was making Princess Rapunzel’s long flowing hair seem realistic, including in 3D.
Disney’s 50th animated feature is based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale and fits into the long tradition of a studio that brought children’s classics “Dumbo” and “Cinderella” to the world decades ago. But moviegoers can be forgiven for being reminded of films by younger animated movie rivals