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Unbiased dengue bites Chinese workers as well

Unbiased dengue bites Chinese workers as well

LAHORE: Liu had had little idea of viral diseases, let alone dengue, in his entire life. Being a civil engineer from the Sichuan University, China, working on a Punjab government project in Lahore, it was the last thing he should be bothered about.
As an employee of the state-owned China Construction Company, completion of the Lahore Technology Park had mainly occupied his mind throughout his three years in the city. It was almost ten days ago that he heard of the deadly dengue

Health Ministry wrings its hands as dengue count soars to 5,000

ISLAMABAD: With five thousand cases of dengue fever confirmed so far and no let up in sight to its fast spread across the country, health authorities seem to be totally helpless in controlling the fatal disease.
“The Health Ministry and its attached departments have failed to prevent the outbreak of the deadly dengue fever and as a result, dozens of people are falling victim to this fatal disease in different parts of the country with every passing day,” said an official at the

156 new dengue cases in last 24 hrs!

LAHORE: During the last 24 hours, 142 cases of dengue virus in Lahore and 14 in the city suburbs have been reported, which are being treated in various government hospitals figures issued by the Punjab Health Department said on Sunday.
The figures continued to claim that around 1,599 patients have recovered from the dengue virus and been discharged from government hospitals, while 157 dengue patients are still being treated. One patient was reported to have expired of the disease

Private hospitals, labs making money off dengue

LAHORE: Private hospitals and laboratories continue to cash in on the dengue epidemic as the dengue fear grips the city, while an increasing number of patients pour in.
A survey of major private hospitals and laboratories reveals that extremely high prices are being charged for the diagnosis and treatment of dengue and huge profits were being made out of a facility that was available free-of-cost in government hospitals.
The survey included National Hospital Defence,

Unprepared for dengue – 40% of dengue screening results false’

LAHORE: The rapid screening method being used in a majority of public sector hospitals to detect dengue virus is not recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as 40 percent of the screening results are false, senior doctors told Pakistan Today on Friday.
They said that the mostly available diagnostic tool of screening through kits for the detection of dengue virus was not a quantitative method, as a significant number of test results were “false positive” or “false

Dengue fever kills 24 across the country

ISLAMABAD: At least 24 people have died of dengue virus across the country, while the disease has been confirmed in 3,395 patients so far.
According to statistics released by the National Health Department on Friday, four people died of dengue fever and 430 dengue patients were diagnosed with the virus in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Sindh is the most-affected province where sixteen people have been killed and 1,810 affected by the virus. At least two out of 1,000 dengue

89 dengue cases reported in Lahore in last 24 hours

As many as 89 cases of dengue fever have been reported in Lahore alone, while at least 10 have been reported in the rest of the province during the last 24 hours, according to a report issued by the Punjab Health Department on Wednesday.
According to the report, 12 new cases of dengue fever have been reported in the Services Hospital, eight in the Institute of Public Health, 13 in Ghurki Trust Hospital, 14 in private hospitals, one in Lahore General Hospital, 35 in

Govt’s claims fall flat as dengue digs deeper

Despite the government’s tall claims of having the virus under control, the number of patients dying from the virus, and those infected and fighting for their life, tells a different story.
The death toll on dengue patients across the country has already climbed to 21 and nearly 3,000 have been infected across the country so far. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has tested as many as 2,936 people positive for dengue, according to figures released by

LHC seeks report on dengue outbreak

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday sought report and parawise comments from the Punjab health secretary, the district coordination officer and the Solid Waste Management managing director within seven days, on a petition claiming that dengue fever in Punjab was taking shape of an epidemic owing to negligence on the part of the government.
Justice Sheikh Ahmad Farooq passed the order on a petition filed by Ahmad Ghani, a resident of Lahore, through his counsel

Dengue mosquitoes still buzzing in Lahore

The newly-appointed Lahore district coordination officer (DCO) and the executive district officer (EDO) (Health) have failed to control dengue virus, as the number of dengue patients being admitted to hospitals across Lahore is increasing constantly, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif suspended former EDO health Dr Fayaz Ranjha over negligence in controlling the anti-dengue operation, and appointed Health Services Director Dr Umar Farooq

Sindh govt stops funds for dengue cure

As the number of cases of the deadly mosquito-borne disease Dengue is on the rise, Health Minister Sindh Dr Sagheer Ahmed has warned that the number of cases this year is much higher than the total number registered in last three years, adding that the government needed to take an immediate notice of the situation.
The government, least interested, has stopped the release of the annually allocated Rs 20 million for the treatment and prevention of the disease and has

62 dengue cases show up in Lahore over last 24 hours

As many as 62 new cases of dengue fever have been reported in Lahore while a man has been diagnosed with the virus in Okara during the last 24 hours, a spokesman for the Punjab Health Department said on Sunday.
According to details, 15 cases of dengue fever were reported at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, four at the Institute of Public Health, one at the Post Graduate Medical Institute, 18 at the City District Government dispensary, and the same number of patients were

Secretary health inspects dengue treatment

Free diagnostic and treatment facilities have been provided to dengue fever patients in the government hospitals on the directions of Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif and hospitals’ administrations have been directed to give special attention to patients, said Secretary Health Punjab Fawad Hassan Fawad during his visit to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) and Mayo Hospital where he enquired about the health of dengue patients and reviewed the arrangements for

‘CDGL failed to counter dengue adequately’

LAHORE: With number of dengue patients rising steadily, this year too the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has failed to devise a long term strategy to cope with the virus, said Dr Salmaan Kazmi, the general secretary of the Young Doctors Association (YDA).
According to the Punjab Health Department, 92 fresh dengue fever cases were reported in Lahore in just one day on Tuesday, raising the total number of dengue cases in Lahore to 251. 39 dengue cases were reported at Kot

Papaya leaf juice can cure dengue

LAHORE: Nature has a way of its own, nicely put indeed. The dengue cases continue to rise in the city and the medications continue to fall short. What has not failed is the juice of papaya’s leaves that has now proven to be one of the best cures for dengue fever, though it has not been scientifically proven yet.
Dozens of dengue patients benefited from the juice and even some medical doctors also prescribe it as an effective treatment for the disease. The complications the

Dengue endemic in Hazara division and Shangla

PESHAWAR: Dengue infection is endemic in Hazara division and Shangla district of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, stated an official handout here on Monday.
The peek time of dengue infection is from March to October. Such cases occur every year in these areas. Recent infection is reported from Dhab No 2, Mansehra city, village on Khaki Road, Lohar Banda, Hari Mera, Khaki, Ogai, Buffa, Khwajgan and Jaloo. Cause of the infection is reported to be the water reservoir across Khaki, says a report

CDA to launch campaign for dengue fever

 Three phases of the campaign includes the fumigation of slum areas, green belts, blocks and govt accommodations
 They also plan to make the public aware of precautionary measure against dengue
The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, taking serious notice of the outbreak of dengue fever, has ordered an extensive campaign for its control and mitigation.
This was said during a meeting to review the measures