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Over 150 buildings in Karachi ‘dangerous’

KARACHI – The Karachi Buildings Control Authority (KBCA) has declared as many as 157 buildings “dangerous”, including 22 protected heritage sites, said Sindh Culture Minister Sassui Palijo at the Sindh Assembly session on Friday.
Responding to questions asked by different members during the question hour, the minister said that the issue of repairing historical buildings will be raised at a meeting of the National Heritage Committee, which is headed by the Sindh chief

CHEATING IN BASANT – It wasn’t always supposed to be so dangerous!

LAHORE – Celebrating Basant was banned in 2009, much to the relief of many, but today many people do not agree much with this step made by the Punjab government.
Being part of Lahore’s culture, kite flying is being sorely missed by those who used to look forward to Basant festivities and family reunions, spending time on rooftops and getting the brightest, and most beautifully designed kites in the neighbourhood. The festival would then have kite-tussles in the sky, marked with

I am dangerous, warns Raisani

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani said he was a “dangerous man” and nothing could deter him.
“I am a dangerous man,” he said while talking to reporters after a meeting with Jamiat-e-Uleema-e-Islam (Fazal group) Chief Fazlur Rehman. The chief minister, who was meeting Fazal after the recent media reports alleging that JUI-F and the Pakistan Muslim League-Q were jointly planning to form their government in Balochistan, said he did not feel threatened.

‘Zardari is corrupt, Nawaz dangerous’

LAHORE: According to the recently published Wikileaks reports, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi called PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif more dangerous than President Asif Ali Zardari.
According to a document of July 23, 2009 included in the controversial cable releases by WikiLeaks, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Prince Muhammad bin Zaid said Zardari was corrupt but not dangerous, while Nawaz was not a trustworthy person.
The same document states that a new personality could come into the

Wilders is dangerous, Muslims tell court

THE HAGUE: Muslims told judges trying anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders for hate speech Monday that he was dangerous, dividing a multicultural society that used to cohabit peacefully.
“Mr Wilders is a dangerous ideologist who has divided Dutch society,” Naoual Abaida, a trainee lawyer with a native Dutch mother and Moroccan father, told the court. “I am asking you to protect me as a Muslim and a Moroccan against Mr Wilders,” she said, referring to his “Islam-bashing” and “insulting,