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Some questions on dams

Did the yearly supplies to the canals in Pakistan increase from 83 maf to 104 maf after the construction of Mangla and Tarbela dams? Has there been any increase in supplies since

Dams dying up as we speak

As the summer takes its toll on those living in the federal capital during month of Ramadan, the water crises is further deepening, as only 5 million gallons of water remain in

CDNS offers govt funding for Bhasha, Munda dams

ISLAMABAD – Central Directorate of National Savings Director Schemes Afzal Tahir told the Senate Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights on Saturday that the directorate had offered the government to fund major development projects, such as the construction of Munda Dam and Bhasha Dam. “Several meetings had been held on the subject and the government has shown a positive response to our offer,” he added. The Senate Standing Committee on Law approved the Code of Criminal