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PPP stars crash and burn

The PPP that seemed rudderless in the Punjab during the entire election campaign got the shock of its life after most of its leading stars lost elections, often to much lesser known

Five NATO troops killed in helicopter crash

Five members of NATO-led foreign forces in Afghanistan have died in a helicopter crash, NATO says. The crash took place in southern Afghanistan on Monday, said the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

Zambia bus crash kills 53

Fifty-three people were killed in a high-speed collision between a bus and a truck in Zambia on Thursday, the government said, one of the country’s worst-ever traffic accidents. The bus carrying 73

Bus crash in Boston injures 34 people

A bus carrying 42 passengers traveling from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Pennsylvania crashed into a Boston overpass on Saturday night, injuring 34 people, according to emergency officials. The crash happened