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Conference on conflict resolution by FACES

Conference on conflict resolution by FACES

LAHORE: The five-day youth conference, organized by Formation Awareness and Community Empowerment Society (FACES), aims to target students of college and university ages, to bridge cultural and religious differences among communities, and nations.
The students were from Afghanistan, Peshawar and Lahore institutes. Indian students had been invited but did not get visas so they could not be present for the conference.
Though the session consisted of experience sharing among

Hide collection a chronic conflict in Karachi

KARACHI: A mucky mixture of blood and water fills the streets and the smell of raw meat permeates the air. People, including children, delightfully gather to witness the scenes which are enough to give long-lasting nightmares to a person. And if you are lucky, someone won’t dump offal outside your home.
Yes the occasion was Eidul Azha and it was celebrated in a typical fashion this year. But buying sacrificial animals at the prices at which you can buy a car and then spending the