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Banks ‘defied common sense’

Banks ‘defied common sense’

DAVOS – French President Nicolas Sarkozy clashed with the chief executive of US investment bank JP Morgan Chase at the Davos forum, telling him bankers had done things which defied common sense.
JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon had earlier in the day lashed out at persistent bank bashing nearly three years after the global credit crisis began, saying it was “unproductive and unfair”. But when he rose at a later session of the World Economic Forum to ask Sarkozy to get the G20 to avoid

‘Hike in fuel prices will add to common man’s woes’

ISLAMABAD: Inflation is expected to shoot up with the 9 percent increase in prices of petroleum products and 2 percent expected increase in power tariff thus hiking the cost of doing business in other sectors of economy and directly impacting the common man, former finance minister Dr Salman Shah said while talking to Pakistan Today.
Monthly increase in petroleum prices and power tariff has drifted the country to stagnation, he said, adding that it will have adverse effects on

Play highlights how terrorism affects the common man

Laal Chuna, a play depicting the importance of education, concluded at Alhamra on The Mall today. The play was organized by “Jag Sudhar” foundation and a significant audience attended the play.
The play focused on promoting educational awareness among citizens andhighlighted the importance of education to crafting a successful society. The drama also portrayed the threat to a common man’s life posed by terrorism.
The storyline moved around paresnts who wished to