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CIA extends spy operations to Swat

CIA extends spy operations to Swat

ISLAMABAD: Authorities are currently investigating intelligence reports about the presence of CIA-recruited locals in Swat, Buner and other adjoining areas and plan to take up the issue with the Obama administration if the probe proves the reports correct.
Pakistan will launch a strong demand for immediate halt to such unwarranted activities, unless the investigation proves otherwise. Civilian and military leaders were already perturbed by CIA’s recruitment drive in North

US wants more CIA people in Pakistan

The US is trying to expand a secret CIA operation designed to eliminate militant havens in the Tribal Areas along the Afghan border, The Wall Street Journal reported late Friday.
Citing unnamed senior officials, the newspaper said the Obama administration had asked Pakistan in recent weeks to allow additional CIA officers and special operations military trainers to enter the country to intensify pressure on the Taliban.
The requests have so far been rebuffed

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan hit hard: CIA

WASHINGTON: The CIA’s expanding operations in Pakistan have taken “a serious toll” on the Al-Qaeda network, the spy agency director, Leon Panetta, has told US media.
But he said it remained unclear whether the effort had prevented a possible terror plot against European cities, the Los Angeles Times quoted him as saying Tuesday.
Referring to stepped up operations, Panetta said the effort is “taking a serious toll” on Al-Qaeda’s capabilities. “The basis for that increased

Rising drone attacks hint at strengthened CIA spy network in Waziristan

The almost daily drone attacks in North Waziristan are reflective of the expanded CIA-trained-and-financed human spy network and its infiltration into the Taliban and Al Qaeda militant groups.
Intelligence officials and tribesmen familiar with the developments in South and North Waziristan told Pakistan Today that the number of spies, trained and funded by CIA, has been rising and mysterious movements could be seen across the region.
An intelligence official

CIA on recruitment spree in Pakistan

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has stepped up recruitment of Afghans and local tribesmen in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas to spy on the Taliban and al Qaeda-linked militants, which is raising serious concern in the country’s security apparatus and the matter is likely to be taken up with Washington soon.
The CIA has reportedly been given additional Predator and Reaper drones by the US military as part of a major strategy shift that highlights the Obama administration’s belief