White Lies

Unhappy couples staying together for the kids is something that has been happening since a very long time. But a new trend seems to have taken root in some within the Pakistan

Arif Nizami

Dire straits

A bailout in the offing? The second unannounced devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee in the last four months is clearly symptomatic of an economy in dire straits. Unsurprisingly economic pundits are predicting

A proxy war within the PML-N

And the Baluchistan gambit Despite the clever programming, there are still a few rough edges to the system. An exercise is ongoing to smooth them out.  The PML-N therefore would do well to revise its

Trump’s cabinet replacements

Yes, Pakistan should be worried  President Trump’s cabinet has undergone multiple major shuffles in a little more than a year. His initial picks for crucial foreign affairs and internal security positions like