Rising danger of ‘political miscarriage’

Calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik- which arose from the treasury benches in the National Assembly on Tuesday- established the fact that distrust

Rawal Dam spillway opened

The Rawal Dam authorities opened the spillway of the reservoir on Thursday after the dam’s water level rose sufficiently owing to heavy rains in the twin cities last night. The authorities opened

World Youth Day today

Like other parts of the world, the United Nations’ (UN) International Youth Day will be celebrated in Pakistan on Friday (today) to recognise the contributions of youth to a global society. International

Massive fire reduces 15 shops to ashes

A massive fire broke out on Monday in a commercial plaza located in the outskirts of the city, destroying property and goods worth millions of rupees. The cause of the fire could

2,500 cases pending with capital police

On account of negligence of police high-ups and corruption, over 2,500 cases of different nature are pending with Islamabad police who have neither investigated the cases nor have they arrested culprits been

RHCs in a bad shape

Rural Health Centres (RHCs) across the country are unable to cater fully to those who do not have access to medical facilities; as they lack staff and essential medical equipment while their

Temples in search of a sanctuary

Among the fallouts for minorities due to the gradual theocratisation of the state of Pakistan since partition is the fast depletion of their worship places. The protection and respect of other religions’