The revolution’s body language

What can’t be, yet is, said     This revolution has been a complicated affair for print media. Khan sahib’s repeated speeches and shifting demands have disturbed deadlines and editorials for a prolonged

Ball in the military’s court

INTERVIEW: General (retd) Talat Masud Army’s hold over important matters is not new   Islamabad’s political paralysis has reached a point where talk of army intervention has started doing the rounds more

Inequality For All

Documentary Review The vicious cycle of a widening income gap In his revolutionary documentary ‘Inequality for All’, the economist Robert Reich explores the reasons behind a weakening middle-class and its implications for

The deluge

Beware the lurking danger and the battalion of Brutuses     Well, the scent of the impending revolution has preceded the marchers to the capital: we have a town under siege of

The capital hearkens…again!

The test of Nawaz Sharif’s political acumen has begun   “Al-wida Al-wida, Nawaz Sharif Al-wida” (Goodbye Nawaz Sharif) chanted a charged crowd of people gathered outside Imran Khan’s residence at Zaman Park

White Lies

  So Imran Khan’s Azadi caravan came fitted with the kind of amenities that would sustain a revolutionary march – a stage for visibility, some huddle space to strategise, even a custom