Ball in the military’s court

INTERVIEW: General (retd) Talat Masud Army’s hold over important matters is not new   Islamabad’s political paralysis has reached a point where talk of army intervention has started doing the rounds more

Inequality For All

Documentary Review The vicious cycle of a widening income gap In his revolutionary documentary ‘Inequality for All’, the economist Robert Reich explores the reasons behind a weakening middle-class and its implications for

The deluge

Beware the lurking danger and the battalion of Brutuses     Well, the scent of the impending revolution has preceded the marchers to the capital: we have a town under siege of

The capital hearkens…again!

The test of Nawaz Sharif’s political acumen has begun   “Al-wida Al-wida, Nawaz Sharif Al-wida” (Goodbye Nawaz Sharif) chanted a charged crowd of people gathered outside Imran Khan’s residence at Zaman Park

White Lies

  So Imran Khan’s Azadi caravan came fitted with the kind of amenities that would sustain a revolutionary march – a stage for visibility, some huddle space to strategise, even a custom

A rare talent

INTERVIEW: Kanza Javed An upcoming author to watch out for   Kanza Javed was a name not known to many till she shot into the spotlight after having an unpublished novel nominated

Coloured 14th August flags sued

Blue and red flags come under fire for plagiarism A new controversy has presented itself as the dust settles on this year’s Independence Day celebrations. Officials representing East Turkestan and the country