Crisis in Pakistan

It is all about the hair, and incompetence Just when it seemed that negotiations might bring about an end to the political crisis that has engulfed the country in recent weeks, the

White Lies

That there is no love lost between Aitzaz Ahsan and Ch Nisar is hardly breaking news. But word has it that the friction goes far deeper than democracy, parliament or dharna politics.

White Lies

The N boys find themselves in quite a pickle these days. And their own actions haven’t helped. Take the ingenious idea of reaching out to the military, for example. Nobody outside the

The last act

To save their illicit personal empires, quite literally their lives, the Sharifs begging for a bail-out by the military that they so methodically, so venomously demonised “And some that smile have in

Save democracy, constitution

In the name of democracy, public service and governance has suffered The two dharnas with all their dramas have generated a deep division in the Pakistani media and perhaps even society. One