White Lies

Contrary to public opinion, and PIA suspending two employees, it turns out that the national carrier was really not to blame for people chucking a sitting MNA and former interior minister out

A valued epistemological study

The book studies Christian and Islamic traditions in a philosophically reasonable manner Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Afaqi is a professor of philosophy and a well-known literary critic. His area of study relates

Ambitious but naive

Book Review: A Child of the New Millennium Handling too much in too little time Fatima Zubair must be the intellectual of her classroom, but has missed the magic when it comes


A mother and a daughter on the run   While you would have thought of Dukhtar as just another drama bashing the religiously-conservative for their narrow-mindedness, interestingly it does not even bring

White Lies

It turns out that the new chairman at Sui Northern, a big and prestigious post, has been cause for divisions at board meetings. It seems he’s been trying to create a new

The one-stop car shop

INTERVIEW: ERWIN SIKMA The online way of physical vehicle trading   It’s not every day that a Pakistani journalist gets to interview a Dutchman – in Lahore – who founded a company