White Lies

  So Tahirul Qadri was finally persuaded to take a leaf out of Imran Khan’s book and spend some time with his followers. Get out of the container, stretch the legs a

New Pakistan?

More disillusioned, more isolated and poorer The well coordinated and synchronised sit-ins of the great Khan and the Canadian cleric in the heart of Islamabad – now in their sixth week –

A man possessed

Perhaps Imran has been reading too much into his own legend     Imran’s ego was already buoyed up when he decided to take part in May 2013 elections. The October 2011

Pakistan preps for change

Have the Islamabad sit-ins induced a soft revolution?     It always starts with an idea. A vague, superfluous, far-fetched idea that aims at changing set, ingrained notions. An idea which challenges

Khan may have already won

But the ‘procedure’ requires some finesse   On Aug14, Imran Khan, at the head of hundreds of thousands of supporters, marched on the capital with the resolve to dethrone the Sharif government.

Interview: Rehman Malik

Way out of this chaos The Jirga can still help make peace between the government and protestors   Q: What is the latest status of your interaction with the government as well

White Lies

Contrary to public opinion, and PIA suspending two employees, it turns out that the national carrier was really not to blame for people chucking a sitting MNA and former interior minister out

A valued epistemological study

The book studies Christian and Islamic traditions in a philosophically reasonable manner Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Afaqi is a professor of philosophy and a well-known literary critic. His area of study relates