While the country implodes

The emperor has no clothes     At a certain level it seems the country is imploding from within. In a single day in one provincial capital – Quetta — thirteen people

Trading dead bodies and dreams

Politics that lives by those who are gone   “When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar “For in

Reading the tea leaves

Another jolt to the system may not be far off     The end of Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s sit-in has removed much of the tension that had characterised the political atmosphere for

White Lies

Dar sahib was in Washington recently. He’s used to gracing the IMF’s annual board meeting (Pakistan’s often in business with the Fund when he’s finance minister). And since he was in town,

PPP-MQM tiff is nothing new

Deciphering political developments from a unique vantage point     Pakistani politics has clearly gone into high gear. From PTI/PAT dharna to jalsa transformation, PPP attempts at resurgence in Punjab, to MQM

A Nigerian initiative

And Pakistani businessmen like what they see     Pakistan and Nigeria have agreed to boost their trade volume from the existing US$100 million to US$300 million in the coming years, as

From conjecture to conviction

A melancholic strain in Tehsin’s voice and accent has made him inherit a tradition from Meer, Firaq and Nasir Kazmi that characterises beauty in melancholy and melancholy in beauty Fayyaz Tehsin is

Another wolf at the door

Fine time for Daish to knock at the door     Most editorials seem to downplay the Daish development – four TTP commanders pledging allegiance – but it must have got the

A Band of Brothers

What does a TTP and ISIS collaboration mean for the world?   The Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) has recently announced its unwavering love and support for ISIS. Both groups of militants have developed a

White Lies

  Word about a possible Punjab government-PAT truce did the rounds for a while. The Qisas-Diyat provision was coming into play. Dar sb was present, possibly to help with financial niceties. The

Woman with more than substance

The inspiring story of Atiya Khan   People need to know that revolution flows in her blood. An extraordinary saga of a dauntless bloodline and her personal journey to discover her soul,

Faiz rediscovered

One of the greatest voices to come from the subcontinent Vagaries of time can wipe clean a whole panorama full of memories; and multitudes are notorious for forgetting a once-legend, be it