White Lies

It’s not every day that an early morning trip to the bakery leaves you nauseous. Yet that’s just what happened at a famous bakery chain recently, so well known for its gourmet

INTERVIEW: Shafqat Mahmood

‘The fight will go on’ And domestic priorities will dictate foreign policy     What does the PTI really hope to achieve from its new Supreme Court initiative? Sure, the dharna has

Movie Review: Arranged

Choosing to live by faith in a faithless world     While the idea of an arranged marriage sounds backward and outdated in the modern world, the movie ‘Arranged’ shows that you

The moral collapse

A burden of unbearable pain and grief   “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves

Shuffling or wriggling?

Why N’s having to do what he’s doing   Why does Nawaz need the cabinet shuffle, really? Rearranging it means the arrangement didn’t work, which sort of plays into his opponents’ hands


‘The government is paralysed’  It will limp along to the next general election It’s a good time to interview Aitzaz Ahsan. It was for a reason that Khurshid Shah was side stepped

White Lies

Many cricketing terms seem to have made their way into political jargon, thanks to the kaptaan. Much was made out of the talk of ‘third umpire’ recently. Match-fixing has been around for

While the country implodes

The emperor has no clothes     At a certain level it seems the country is imploding from within. In a single day in one provincial capital – Quetta — thirteen people