Freedom to commodify Kashmir

It’s been over a month since Eid-ul-Fitr, but the four films that jointly hit – in the most literal of senses – cinemas across the country still have quite a few ripples

Jackpot? Jack-sh*t!

One look at the ensemble cast Jackpot and you begin to convince yourself that there might be a few laughs in there to be had. For, almost every name in the lineup

Na script, na acting

Of the four films that came out this Eid-ul-Fitr, Na Band Na Baraati appeared to be the underdog among the lot in the lead up. Of course, this is before the films

Media Watch: The age of fear

It is grainy footage from, presumably, a CCTV camera. It’s a quiet street. Some cars, some trees and some kids playing. Two men come over on a motorbike, swerve and discreetly pick

Criminal filmmaking

When we – repeatedly, painstakingly, relentlessly, on a loop – talk about the revival of Pakistani cinema, the only thing that Wajood appears to have revived is Javed’s Sheikh movie-making count. What

The rebirth of Chauburji

Let me take you to a monument which was until very recently breathing its last. Only a few months ago, the very existence of this monument was being hotly debated, and there