White Lies

The incumbent premier’s diet is the subject of a national fascination. There is a “He eats food! The ANIMAL!” indignation about his dietary habits and there is nothing he can do that

Yahan thookna mana hai*

Pakistan and its complicated relationship with reverse psychology   More than two dozen people perished on the Karachi beach this Eid. Many underestimated the strength of the waters before them. Only a

Power, prayers and rain

This business involves a lot of politics     What makes 16 hours without electricity in a day even more disturbing? Your country’s power minister having 23 per cent stakes in a

The visible foreign minister

Interview: Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri   Diplomacy is a protocol conscious world   Whatever one’s views about the Musharraf era, Pakistan was quite the rage in those times, especially in the international press.

The man behind it all

Interview Steve More is the force behind the success of a recent movie Tamanna     With the revival of Pakistani cinema back in place a lot of independent films have emerged

White Lies

A “committee” from one of the upper circles of Lahori wives has been convened to pay for the services of a private detective agency to keep an eye on the – for