Interview: Dr Salman Shah

The gloss of politics Economy pushed deliberately off-track     Dr Salman Shah was part of Gen Musharraf’s economic team – headed by former finance minister and PM Shaukat Aziz – that

White Lies

The apple, occasionally, falls far from the tree. Case in point: former bhabi Jemima Khan. While she has put up a spirited public condemnation of Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, her brother Ben

Towards mobocracy

When leaders are more interested in mob politics than parliamentary business     The PTI’s impatience to grab power could lead the country towards mob rule. The party seeks the redressal of

Azadi march

Sane heads should prevail, or the fallout can be disastrous     Once again Imran Khan takes a stand that will take serious convincing for many even within his ranks to go

White Lies

London is these days home to many a politician of different hues and colours. To name a few: Asif Ali Zardari is here for the past few. First he attended his daughter’s