The Faiz Saga

  Faiz Ahmad Faiz (1911-84) ranks among the doyens of modern poetry, let alone Urdu. Coinciding with the ongoing Faiz International Festival at Lahore (Nov 17-19 2017), Pakistan Today and ABC pay tribute

Pak, US, India — friends or foe?

Standing together against terrorism     US South Asia policy is an alarming indication of Pakistan’s foreign relations becoming weaker in the region. With Pakistan rejecting any blame for exporting terrorism, the

Back to square one

Implement or amend the security policy?         Pakistan’s efforts to make any progress in the ‘war on terror’ are made futile every time there is another terrorist attack. Earlier

The resilient reign of terror

    Let’s face the fact; we might have succeeded in dismantling the terrorist infrastructure, and hideouts from our land as a result of large scale military operations across the board, not


A slave-to-general story         Ek Hi Saf Mein Kharay Ho Gaye Mahmood-O-Ayaz, Na Koi Banda Raha Aur Na Koi Banda Nawaz. You might have read these lines of Allama

Back to square one

  Implement or amend the security policy?   “Banking on the military to clear out sensitive areas is not enough,” said Javed. “The authorities must enforce Madrassah reforms, FATA reforms, and improving

The enemies within

We’re back to the old tricks are we?     The incidents of last two weeks, ranging from the ruling party’s veiled criticism of the military establishment, targeting minority communities when the

Confrontational Politics

Nawaz & the Collision Course     John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, an English politician, historian, and writer, once said that Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The aforementioned statement proves

Confrontational politics

Nawaz and the collision course     Perhaps it is high time for our political parties, and their leaderships to understand and accept the rules of the game in order to take

Bradlaugh Hall

The crumbling beauty     How many of you are familiar with this beautiful 19th century hall located on Lahore’s Rattigan Road? Let me take you through this historic hall today and

One giant step (back) for Pakistan

Senate dismisses bill to increase minimum age for marriage       It’s difficult to perceive a Pakistan where the fundamental rights of every individual are respected when one step forward towards