Koocha chabuk sawaran

The land of horse riders     Today, Koocha Chabuk Sawaran is among the few areas of the old walled city that has name plates on the houses where once the famous

About the Census 2017

A Controversial Count?   The Results The 6th census, after all the hues and cries, has finally reached a conclusion with the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PSB) declaring the results of the

Why would Trump engage Pakistan?

US cannot afford to lose its soft influence in Pakistan the week after President Donald Trump berated Pakistan over its Afghanistan policy and laid down new demands for cooperation with Islamabad, the

Mian Khan’s Tomb

A 17TH CENTURY MONUMENT IN LAHORE   Like many other monuments of Mughal era this place was also plundered during the Sikh rule. The marble and other precious stones were removed and

The independence dream

From reality and back   No doubt, we have come far as a nation, and there are many positives that make us proud. We are gifted with abundant resources, both natural and

Politicking over polls

And it’s not even 2018   It’s too soon to establish anything, for there are a number of events that can still unfold, including NAB investigation, SC’s verdict on Khan’s disqualification, ECP’s