Trump profiled again

Every once in a while, Imran Khan, ever the darling of the British press, is profiled by the latter. Every time that happens, the piece is much discussed here in Pakistan. This

The gravity of a situation

As discussed in an earlier column in this space, the Zainab case wasn’t particularly an outlier. There would have been many instances of exactly the same crime not just in the same

The Great Gama and Lahore

Such is his legacy that even so many years after his passing away, every wrestler in India and Pakistan aspires to be like Gama – the Undefeated, never having lost a single bout

Of poetry and pen portraitures

    ‘Ejaz Rahim’s poems present a happy fusion of experience and thought, and of the emotional and the cerebral. The whole range of knowledge and mythology, politics and philosophy, the ordinary

It. Wasn’t. Me.

“Who are you going to trust? Me or your lying eyes?” – Groucho Marx If there was any image from the 2014 Model Town carnage that remained stuck in the public’s imagination

An adroit translation  

The book is likely to arouse curiosity and interest among the Urdu reading public in the life and work of the man who coined the moniker Pakistan     Title:  Sawaneh Hayat Chaudhry