Editor’s Mail

Written word

The Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in his address to the nation has said that his spoken word denying the denotification of executive order of reinstatement of the Judges was not honoured by the Apex Court, which required a written and signed word. In the actual world, the verbal order has little value unless it is reduced to writing in black and white. What saved the skin of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in the Supreme Court was the absence of a written notification


I wish to extend my wholehearted congratulations to Mr Arif Nizami and his whole team on launching Pakistan Today. It’s really amazing.

The problems of Medical students

The Punjab government has taken many steps that effect people badly in one way or another. Obviously those steps were taken and the voices raised, were discarded like last year’s newspapers. Nobody cared enough to make even the smallest of amends with the unemployed, the effected in anyway. Now, however, things are taking a turn for the worst.
The Government has made many arbitrary changes to the MCAT exam this year which have badly affected the students. These include changing

Karachi killings

It saddens the heart when one hears of the violence in the country’s commercial capital. It saddens me further to know that the so-called dream coalition of the PPP, MQM and the ANP has been unable to solve the problem. These parties should show some political will and wrest the gateway of Pakistan away from the violence that plagues it.

Down the rabbit hole

The government and judiciary seem to be moving towards a loggerhead over the issue of NRO review case and revocation of executive order for judges’ restoration. It is a fundamental rule of democracy that each pillar of the government should function independently. But this seems to lose all its importance in our case.
Rather than working together and moving towards a better democratic set up, we seem to be heading down the rabbit hole with clearly no idea how and when to stop.

PCB needs a makeover

The Pakistan Cricket Board is a national institution which can’t be allowed to go into abyss due to non-professional attitude of its management. The ICC has given it a deadline of 30 days to mend their ways. The PCB under the current management is a sunken ship. It will be naive to expect any improvement in just 30 days. The only way to salvage PCB is to appoint a new chairman who is a professional. This will not only boost the image of the government, but will also regain the lost

Lights out, countrymen

The decision by the government to disband PEPCO and make the distribution companies independent is proving to be real bone crusher. Already hit with the deficit of almost 3500 MW, the country is not limping and bleeding in the economic sphere. Industry and business are hit hard and their production has halted to a zero while the consumers are forced to use other costly alternatives.
Cities, like Karachi, also known as the city of lights, and Lahore, the cultural heart of the

Changing weather

As the weather is changing, there is also an increased threat of diseases like dengue and malaria. The people living around slums or water sewage areas need to be particularly careful.
Everyone has the right to health; this must be followed in our country where almost 35 percent of population has no access to clean water or sanitation.

Tax Nato fuel

A very disturbing piece of news has been published in the press that Nato fuel supply tankers are allowed to transit through Pakistan without paying any taxes. This is totally unfair and unjustified. Pakistan had agreed to Nato’s demand of a supply route but it should not be taken for granted.
The country’s economy is already dwindling. It cannot allow them to take advantage of our co-operation.

WiFi alert

It feels great biting a burger at your favourite cafe while surfing the internet, thanks to expanded wireless internet, WiFi, coverage but we should not ignore the fact that these cable less connections come with their own caveats.
Mr Elfren Meneses, head of the Anti-fraud and Computer Crimes Division of the Philipine National Bureau of Investigation said, “WiFi hackers set up fraudulent websites that appear to be log-in sites for legitimate WiFi hotspot vendors and steal

Indian army chief

The Indian Army Chief Gen VK Singh said on October 14 that Pakistan and China were a major security threat for India but “India is well prepared to fight against the threats”. He also said the instability and flourishing terrorist groups in Pakistan were a threat for India’s security. “Along with that financially and militarily stable China is also a threat.”
Such statements are not new. In November last year, then army chief of India said there was a possibility of limited war

Opportunity for politicians

If Pakistan had built some large dams in the wasted 10 years of Musharraf era, today, the impact of floods would have been on a much reduced scale.
These floods are an eye opener for those myopic politicians, who can’t see beyond their noses. Today, Pakistan is economically standing, even behind the stage of 14th August 1947, where foreign exchange reserves are USD 15 billions against loans of about USD 60 billions.
We always crib that dictators had no vision and they did

Rock and a hard place

The current tussle between the judiciary and the government has put the real problems of the people of Pakistan on the back-burner. Both the institutions should try to resolve matters amicably so that they can finally move towards providing relief to the masses, who at the moment are the biggest victims of this turf war.

Chilean miners

The manner in which Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera and his Minister for Mining were personally involved in the rescue operation of 33 miners stranded in a collapsed mine 2,050 feet below the surface in San Jose gold and copper mine for 69 days, displays the priority that their elected leadership had for the lives of their citizens.
Their story of survival and extraordinary rescue operation mounted by government of Chile captured the world’s attention. The last to emerge from

Where is the opposition?

The opposition in a democratic setup is not just a check on the government but also an active partner in handling various national and international issues. This is not so in Pakistan where the opposition is busy in either litigation against the government – hampering any executive action it takes – or in a tirade against the government in the national press. When it comes to the national issues like flood relief efforts, NRO, Nato territorial incursions, they are either silent or not

Road blocks

Thanks and congratulations; Pakistan Today is like a wish coming true. I wonder if we could just take our collective attention away from the nonsensical shenanigans of our political (non) actors and comment on how the public at large feels about the iron pickets that criss-cross entries east of the Canal into Lahore Cantt & DHA.
What logic lies behind such unprofessional and arbitrary checks by these combined MP/Police manned blocks needs closer scrutiny. There is neither any

Paying the price

While the government is obsessed with saving its tenure, the people are being crushed under the weight of food inflation in the country. Only yesterday, the price of sugar was raised. Again. Everything from sugar to tomatoes to garlic is now beyond the reach of the common person.
While issues like an independent judiciary and a working system are important, there importance will be next to nothing for a people who cannot even afford the basic necessities of life. Many