Editor’s Mail

CCPO moved

Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheikh has been transferred to Faislabad as a regional police officer (RPO), a local media outlet reported on Friday. CCPO Sheikh has been embroiled in

Early marriages

It hurts me to say that early marriage remains a major issue in Pakistan these days. According to a report approximately half of Pakistani women are married before 18 years and nine

Scarcity of water

Gawadar is the biggest city of Balochistan. But painfully, there the civic need of water is not accomplished. Similarly, they are in hot water because of the water crisis. In fact, water

Money vs humanity

It really hurts me to express that yesterday in Karachi on Abo-ul-hassan isfita road a blast occurred due to the leakage of a cylinder which killed 5 persons and left 28 terribly

ILF takes a stand

The Chairman of International Lawyers Forum (ILF), Nasir Ahmed Advocate has said that the ILF will never accept any conspiracy against Christians in the name of so-called encroachment and development plans. Government


Obesity is a common and serious disease all over the world. By this, people are facing many troubles and difficulties. According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, more than 1.9 billion

Covid-19 in Russia

Russia has reported a record high 16,319 new cases of coronavirus, including 4,999 in the capital Moscow on Monday Oct 19, to take the national total to 1,431,635. According to Reuters, authorities

Hang the rapists?

Hang the rapist. Nowadays, this has become a common chant. After every rape case that is reported in the media and becomes famout for a few days, peple’s demands seem to be

Increasing poverty

Poverty refers to the condition of not having the basic facilities such as clean water, nutrition, healthcare, clothing and shelter. It is one of the major social problems that Pakistan is facing.

Fire hazards

There have been increasing incidents of fires recently involving factories , business houses and trading plazas in our large cities including Faisalabad , Karachi and Lahore , with heavy losses of goods