Editor’s Mail

Domicile issues 

It has been common and easier to get domicile of any province anytime. Even the foreigners can get a desired domicile. This has adversely affected job and admission quota in various universities.

Two different pandemics

Still reeling under the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, another severe crisis is staring in Pakistan, one with the potential to impact their food security.Locust infestation is a major threat than coronavirus.

Rise of AI 

Artificial Intelligence is actively influencing the domestic as well as commercial domains of the human world. Different AI driven applications offer help to professional businesspersons, educators, marketers. Other AI-driven machines can assist

Post-pandemic world

Like the fall of the Berlin Wall, this coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event whose far-ranging consequences we will only begin to imagine today. This disease has shattered lives, destroy markets and

Banned tobacco

I want to draw the attention of the concerned authority to banned tobacco in Pakistan, through the column of your esteemed newspaper.World no tobacco day is observe around the world every year

Turkish drama

The Turkish drama, Ertugrul Ghazi was aired on Pakistan Television(PTV) from ramzan. It was dubbed in urdu on the special request of our PM Imran Khan. The drama is based on the

National priorities

I want to take your attention to an important issue which Pakistan’s people are facing.And that issue is public transport and public transport mafia.As we know that nowadays curing lockdown public transport

Tragedy waiting to happen

Pakistan’s transport industry, air, road and rail, which must offer citizens safe and reliable transportation within country’s geographical boundaries and beyond serving as a vital tool to boost trade and exports is

Corona menace

Until humanity finds a vaccine, social distancing seems the only weapon against the deadly Coronavirus to stop or at least slow down the loss of precious human lives. It is understandable the

Power sector mess

We have multitude of problems starting from maladministration  & bad governance  ,  inefficiencies ,  corruption which include thefts and high T & D losses and incompetence. The last government added appreciable generation

A hard year

“Uninstall 2020, because it has a virus inside it”,  a slogan that got spread in social media just after novel crona took power globally. Afterall it isn’t one virus, it is a