Editor’s Mail

Really, a race against time

Nature’s fury seems to have no end and natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes have been playing havoc with countries and human race all along the line. Speaking of the earthquake aftermath,

Defining Pakistan

Martin Luther King Jr once said ‘almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world a better place’. Jinnah wanted the Pakistanis to respect our minorities. I want to reiterate that

Unnecessary confusion

Recently entire Pakistan media is devoting its considerable time on the issue of whether Pakistan (its Government & Judiciary) should allow former PM Nawaz Sharif (sentenced in a case) to go out

The fire rages

The world cries wolf whenever there are accidents and crises looming around. Enemy countries from across the world have been battling and shouting abuse at one another. But the world is in

Some observations

Sir, it has been observed that when the former ruling parties PPP alias Zardari Party and PML(N), which have been brokered and brought together by the Maulana who is obviously quite hurt

IHK’s militarisation

India has shrugged off US president’s repeated mediation offers, though without chanting the ‘atoot ang’ mantra (sacred words or sounds repeated). Simultaneously, she rushed ten thousand additional troops to IHK to meet