Editor’s Mail

Poultry prices 

The prices of broiler chickens have started shooting up. According to the Sindh essential commodities price control and prevention and profiteering and hording act 2005, which is at serial No 5, this

Health issues

  I would like to draw attention towards the health issues in Pakistan. Every year, Pakistan faces more health problems than it did in the previous one, leading to new kinds of

Hold on, Please!

In the wake of Panama case decision there seems to be an unending frenzy in the media flashing demands, statements and analysis of politicians and law experts. The situation is simple; court

Respect the verdict

There have been reports in the newspapers about sessions of the National Assembly and the Senate in Islamabad had to be adjourned since the opposition members had created rumpus in both houses

Combating Thalassemia

  About one in ten of all childhood deaths in Pakistan are due to Thalassemia. There are approximately nine million carriers of beta Thalassemia, resulting in more than 5000 transfusion dependent births